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  1. johngalt

    Windows 8 error and I'm stumped

    Since he is running Windows 10, you're best bet is the sister site for Windows 10 in my signature. But let me go ahead and ask you: what are your goals - get his system up and running (by fixing the issues) or wiping it clean and starting fresh?
  2. johngalt

    new format for 8 forums

    Yup - the boards (all of the sister sites) are moving to a modern forum software that is actively developed. Please bear with the mods and devs and admins as they iron out wrinkles. It's already been a successful changeover at VistaX64, so it should be rather pain-free, but you never know.
  3. johngalt

    Need Help ASAP...Recovery Disc

    Did you try looking here: Drivers & Downloads
  4. johngalt

    Windows OS performance - multi thread

    Nope. Hands down. Software that is coded as single-threaded cannot be forced to use more than one core (at any given moment), ever. And Windows handles load balancing on the CPU when it comes to multi-threaded applications. See: Force Multi-Threading - CPUs - Tom's Hardware Can a...
  5. johngalt

    The real reasons to blame Windows 8 for plummeting PC sale

    Another key here is that there is a lot of upgrade hangover left in a lot of people who jumped on Vista from XP and absoluely hated it - those people will have a naturally fearful mindset and will think not once, not twice, but three times or even more before leaving W7, arguably the best...
  6. johngalt

    from win 7 to win 8

    Part of the reason that you're seeing less factual information is that this is a developer preview - meaning that it's great for devs to get their hands on to test things like interfaces, commands, etc. for their own apps, but it is not by any means a full product, and M$ even states the...
  7. johngalt

    Adobe Flash 11 beta 1 x32 and x64

  8. johngalt

    Keep One Change One

    Love hurts
  9. johngalt

    Beta-version of Windows 8 will be collected as soon as possible - July

    I have three lines, so I'll be using my upgrades wisely. I'm doing the GS2 for sure, and may do the Bionic in October (after others try it out and see if it is all that or nto) and probably the Prime in Nov / Dec. Is there any real truth to the beta release date, or is it all just speculation...
  10. johngalt

    Solved will there be a NON touch screen version?

    I hav a Bamboo Touch pad to use for the touch side of things. However, I will still want my KB.... Everything I have heard thus far is that it will include some sort of 'classic' windows interface. All of that I've heard is rumors, but still...
  11. johngalt

    Beta-version of Windows 8 will be collected as soon as possible - July

    August build would be better for me - I'm going to be (finally!) upgrading my phone in Sept, as that is when the Bionic and Galaxy S II are both supposed to drop.... I'mma be a busy, busy man in Sep lol
  12. johngalt

    Previewing ‘Windows 8’

    However, for those of us that have touch devices, it sounds really good.
  13. johngalt

    Looking forward to Windows 8, what Microsoft misse

    nah - I prefer not to have .RAR integration - it will make the OS so much slower :p (j/k) That would nice - but I bought WinRAR back in the day and thus far my license is still good. So, IDGAF if it is integrated or not. Preferably, I'd like to see 7z integrated - a much better archiving...
  14. johngalt

    Windows 8 x64 only?

    Yup - fixed and credited you with the fix - thanks for the sharp eyes. I think that 128 bit wil be skipped for a jump directly to 256bit - makes more sense logically (but, then again, the hardware manufacturers are rarely logical). OK, first of all, let's look at something quickly...
  15. johngalt

    Looking forward to Windows 8, what Microsoft misse

    Moving forward, I suggest several things here: WinFS - please!!!! A dual-paned File Manager with integrated RoboCopy / like copying tool (currently I use Xplorer^2 and I don't plan to give that up, but to have it integrated would also be nice - with tabbed interface would be even...
  16. johngalt

    Windows 8 x64 only?

    In retrospect, it very well may be. Server 2008 R2 is x64 only. From Thus, I can easily foresee the desktop OS going 64bit only. After all, M$ dropped 16 bit support last year, didn't they :p