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  1. mgmcc

    ASUS PCE-N15 PCI-e Wireless Adapter and Windows 8 Pro

    Try changing the encryption key in the router's wireless settings. This will, of course, mean that you have to go through the procedure to "Connect" again with both the Windows 7 Laptop and the gaming PC.
  2. mgmcc

    Slow Internet when using wireless card

    Is there a setting to configure the wireless card to work in 802.11g mode only, which would be appropriate for a WRT54G router?
  3. mgmcc

    moving from vista to win 8 - email contacts

    You could install Windows Live Mail in Windows 8 (which is what I've done) and then transfer your Windows 7 Contacts into Windows 8. Copy the Contacts folder from Windows 7 (to a USB stick or whatever) and Paste it into your User account in Windows 8 to replace the blank one. Then, in Windows...
  4. mgmcc

    Auto log in to hotspot

    If this is something you do via a browser, rather than connecting to a Wireless Access Point, deleting any cookies and/or saved Username & Password setting may let you start again.
  5. mgmcc

    View Available Wireless Networks

    I don't understand this. As "davehc" says, clicking on the network icon in the Notification Area, or from Settings in the Charms bar, displays all the Available Wireless Networks. There shouldn't be any need for a third-party application to achieve this.:think:
  6. mgmcc

    Unidentified Network Since Upgrading to Windows 8

    I don't think there is anything more I can usefully contribute, sorry.
  7. mgmcc

    Unidentified Network Since Upgrading to Windows 8

    I should have mentioned that your Wireless Network Adapter appears to be connecting to a router with an IP address of already, so what is it doing at the moment?
  8. mgmcc

    Unidentified Network Since Upgrading to Windows 8

    If the "PPP Adapter Wireless Terminal" is actually a USB Modem and your internet connection, it is that adapter that needs to be shared. Because you have another two network adapters - Local Area Connection (wired ethernet) and Wireless Network Connection - you should have the option (drop down...
  9. mgmcc

    Unidentified Network Since Upgrading to Windows 8

    Now that's really confusing. You have a Wireless Network Adapter with the IP address and the PPP Adapter Wireless Terminal with the IP address - which of these is your internet connection? (I don't actually know what the PPP Adapter Wireless Terminal is!) I've just run...
  10. mgmcc

    Unidentified Network Since Upgrading to Windows 8

    From your screenshot, you should have "shared" the PPP adapter Wireless Terminal which is your actual internet connection. When you do this, Windows should give the Local Area Connection the IP address with Subnet Mask; there is no Default Gateway or DNS Server address...
  11. mgmcc

    Unidentified Network Since Upgrading to Windows 8

    Where have you set IPv4 to obtain its addresses automatically? When you enable ICS on your actual internet connection (USB Modem), Windows should configure the adapter with which you connect to the Xbox with the IP address and Subnet Mask Your Xbox should then get...
  12. mgmcc

    Trouble power cycling a remote machine.

    Would it help to create Shutdown and Restart shortcuts on the Desktop? Shutdown: C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe /s /t 0 Restart: C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe /r /t 0
  13. mgmcc

    Weird Weird Problem!

    OK, set the Local Area Connection back to getting its addresses automatically as it appears not to be the adapter that is used to connect. At some time, additional software must have been installed to create the "Cyber" network adapter which is used with the service and I think you are going...
  14. mgmcc

    Weird Weird Problem!

    I suspect the loss of the Default Gateway address is the problem; this should be the router's IP address. Try allocating fixed addresses. Press the Windows Key+R to open the Run box. Type in ncpa.cpl and press Enter to open the Network Connections folder. Right click the Local Area Connection...
  15. mgmcc

    Help ad hoc in cmd messed up wifi connection

    What do you mean by "Limited Connectivity"? Is Windows allocating an APIPA 169.254.x.x IP address? You could try repairing the TCP/IP stack: Open a Command Prompt window and, at the prompt, type... netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt ...and press Enter (note the spaces in the command...
  16. mgmcc

    Weird Weird Problem!

    What I'd be inclined to do is, when the PC loses internet, reboot it and run ipconfig /all in a Command Prompt window to see if it still gets its IP address. To do this, press Windows key+X and, from the menu that opens, select Command Prompt. At the prompt, type ipconfig /all and press Enter...
  17. mgmcc

    No Wifi

    mudit72, Check in Device Manager that the Wireless Network Adapter is installed properly, i.e. it doesn't have a "question" or "exclamation" mark against it indicating a problem. Also, if the computer is a Laptop, check that WiFi is switched on.
  18. mgmcc

    What's your Internet Speed?

    "trebills" makes mine seem somewhat slow by comparison.
  19. mgmcc

    Weird Weird Problem!

    Are others in the building also losing their internet access at a similar time? Upgrading to Windows 8 could be co-incidental. There are some really bizarre things that can upset an ADSL signal if that's how the building gets its access.
  20. mgmcc

    losing network connectivity at wake up, what to blame?

    I have seen a similar problem in another forum where a member has to reboot the router after the PC wakes up in order to regain internet access. I suspect what this is actually achieving is to re-assign the IP etc addresses to the PC which it has lost. After waking, run ipconfig /all in a...