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    Windows 8 x64 only?

    No you didn't. Don't lie.
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    Windows 8 x64 only?

    I can definitely see this happening. I don't even know any contemporary computers that have x32 processors.
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    My Windows 8 Concept

    The point of modern computing is to make things as simple and easy as possible, and not trying to look high-tech to people who don't understand. The concept isn't even cool-looking or or proffessional. It actually looks harder to use than Windows Vista/7.
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    My Windows 8 Concept

    Way too dark, not to mention that it looks too cluttered and pointless.
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    If only Windows 8 could look like this...

    Personally, I find the mock-up to be very terrible. The large, green-tinted Glass effects look disgusting, and the icons are just weird. Realistically, W8 is probably going to be a simplified version of the Aero theme; possibly carrying the light blue motif, and switching to a more Matte...
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    Could you imagine Windows 8 hardware

    PC's THEMSELVES: Monitors, Keyboard, Mice, and Speakers become much smaller and slimmer. Towers become very small, albeit still able to contain normal-sized parts. All-in-ones similar to iMacs begin to emerge, as manufacturers begin making peripherals specific for them. OPERATING SYSTEMS...
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    Post You Desktop Screenshots.

    Here's mine. I never understood why people used all these third-party docks and Rainmeter-related stuff. W7 has a clock on the taskbar, as well as gadgets for everything.
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    My W8 Concept

    Update! I posted a more refined version. Check it out!
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    The battle ahead: Google Chrome OS vs. Microsoft's

    I doubt Chrome OS will defeat Windows in any way. Microsoft is already working on a Cloud platform, plus the user-friendliness of it's Operating Systems improves with each version.
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    What Are you Thoughts On Apple's OS?

    Mac OS X is far more better-looking, structured, and stable than Windows. However, the only thing keeping Apple from increasing the market share is... 1. The amount of apps. Windows has thousands, if not, millions of more apps compared to Apple. 2. Apple doesn't focus in any way on gaming...
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    Windows Avatars?

    The previous post brings up an even better thing. Since W8 is most likely going to attempt to bring the whole "It's a big internet community!" motif, MS could perhaps code a Second Life-style game/chatroom featuring the avatars. In fact, they could see a lot of money in extensions/accessories...
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    Windows 8 Concept Video!

    I'm gad the Copenhagen concept is fake. It looks so ugly. At best, it's a really good WindowBlinds skin from the early 2000's.
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    Windows Avatars?

    Wouldn't that be a novel idea? Instead of the boring, and often WTF-worthy user pictures, how about W8 users get to create their own Windows Avatar akin to the ones found on the Xbox 360? The avatar could represent your profile on Windows, and could make little appearances in certain apps, like...
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    My W8 Concept

    Thanks. If anyone cares, it's the "Zegoe" (Zune) font, but with an outer glow.
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    My W8 Concept

    Well, not everything would be "from" the internet, per se. The "Productivity" section could encompass Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, FL Studio, amongst others.
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    Gesture recognition to Windows too.

    I doubt Natal will be the platform used. If this idea comes into fruition, the most realistic outcome will be MS partnering with many manufacturers to include cameras + sensors built-into monitors. Another possibility could include a simple touchscreen desktop monitor, maybe with haptic feedback.
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    Windows 8 Major Improvements

    Windows 8 is most likely going to be the Midori concept, which is a Cloud-style OS.
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    My W8 Concept

    Please take a look at my Windows 8/Windows Cloud OS mock-up. I tried to make it as simplified, but elegant looking as I could. IMO, this would be my dream OS. Check it out.