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    turn off end of Support message

    Hi, how can I turn off this message forever? Gruß, wonk
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    windows 8.1 hangs

    Hi, I use windows 8.1 on a slow tablett (atom cpu of first generation). When i use firefox (and otther programs), the software often hangs. I always can reactive it, if I change to another running programm and back. Any idea to avoid switching? Thanks, wonk
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    internet radio as alarm clock

    Hi, is it possible to start the internet radio app playing as an alarm clock with the scheduler or do I need a separate programm? Any recommodations? thanks, wonk
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    Solved no drive letter for external USB-HD

    I now recognized: It was a wrong partition-ID. After correction with diskpart all is ok.
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    Solved no drive letter for external USB-HD

    HD and PC use only USB 2.0. I now assigned a drive letter with my Paragon backup programm. Now it works with windows. But when i plug it to my TV (it's a multimedia-HD with HDMI), the interface still does not recognize the files.
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    Solved no drive letter for external USB-HD

    Hi, I have an external 1TB-USB-HD, which is shown in the WIN adminstration of drives, but the option "assign drive letter" is grey. I use this drive since a year, formerly it was recognized without problems. The device manager recognizes it, the driver is actual. The PC further has one internal...