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    video recording help

    Hello, I see no video sub-forum so I post in this general forum I need to do something very simple, perhaps too simple I just want to record continuous video using my laptop (ux301 with 8.1) inbuilt cam A nice feature would be to adjust the resolution so I can (by trying) choose the quality vs...
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    no password required after shutdown

    Hello, I set require password in the power options and it does require after sleep or hibernate but when starting from power off it does not. Any idea? Thanks in advance for your help
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    Windows Update stuck at "Checking for Updates"

    it worked for me! Thank you
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    Solved require password after display off

    cp>personalization>screen saver>tick "On resume, display Iogon screen" never mind i have not activated no screen saver
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    Solved require password after display off

    hi, could someone please tell how do i set win 8.1 to request a password after the display has been turned off (in power settings-turn off the display after...) Many thanks in advance
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    your pc needs to be repaired problem, windows 8.1

    Hello, I would try to open the box extract the cards vacuum clean and spray contact cleaner on cards and connectors, wait 10 minutes reinsert everything gently and firmly and power again