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    Store - Enable or Disable in Windows 8

    Now I'm getting more confused, a common event these days, sadly. I set no policy anyplace. I simply went into regedit looking for the key to change, and didn't find it HKCU. I found it in HKLM. Took a while to find it. I almost gave up. FYI, this was on a new Lenovo notebook.
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    Store - Enable or Disable in Windows 8

    The "Option One" registry editing method either has changed or is in error. The Option One instructions say: On my system, it's in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE not HKEY_CURRENT_USER: I'm using Win8.1 non-Pro with all updates, so I guess I have what's called Win8.1.1, i.e. version 6.3.9600.
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    The Desktop will be going away in Threshold...kind of.

    Different strokes for different folks. I want a tablet to be the most portable computer to carry with me on my travels. For media consumption, say in bed or in a cramped airline seat or on a bus, I have the welcome option of not using a keyboard/mouse. When at home or in an office the...
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    Early Surface Pro 3 users struggle with wireless network

    @jimbo: Did you do know that there are fairly simple workarounds so you can download (from Microsoft) a Win8.1 ISO with just your Win8 product key? For the typical user, it may seem complicated, but with the level of experience of users on a forum like this, it's not so bad. If you want more...
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    The Desktop will be going away in Threshold...kind of.

    What are the chances that a non-Desktop Windows Threshold (e.g. for an 8" tablet) could install and run all Windows x86/x64 programs, just that they would always be full-screen without the ability to have >1 visible at a time? It would be awkward, but I could probably to live with that (with...
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    The Desktop will be going away in Threshold...kind of.

    Thanks. So to be safe in the future when buying a tablet *now* I guess I should remove all 10"-and-under tablets from consideration. Darn.
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    The Desktop will be going away in Threshold...kind of.

    I've been considering buying a Windows tablet, very possibly a Surface Pro 3, to pretty much replace my notebook. I use *lots* of desktop apps. A decision to remove the traditional Windows desktop from tablets would make that a rather expensive mistake for me. What is considered a "small...
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    username is set up incorrectly

    Can you change it via the SET command in a Command Prompt window? i.e. Open a Command Prompt (probably with Administrative privileges?) and type SET to display all the variables to verify what is set for "username." Then type in SET USERNAME="Bob Campbell" (I think quotation marks will be...
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    desktop icon

    Can you <right-click> on the icon and display the Shortcut properties? If so, what is the "Target"?
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    Print selected text

    I think it may be printer- or application-specific, and not a Windows problem. In both Opera and Internet Explorer printing a highlighted selection works for me from Windows 8, however the "Selection" option under Page Range in the print dialog box is greyed out in Thunderbird.
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    How to get upgrade licenses for non-tech family/friends?

    I have purchased four licenses online, but only downloaded the .ISO once. Although I'm not about to do a fifth purchase just to find out exactly how I avoided the download, I can assure you that it is possible. If nothing else, isn't the download *after* you have been given the product key...
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    I believe Win 8 is going to be another Windows Vista

    Tepid: You know you are dangerously close to treason and heresy for posting sane, well balanced, favorable opinions of Windows 8 -- especially in a somewhat "Tech People" saturated environment. But, for what it's worth, I agree with you 100%.
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    How to decide: should you upgrade to Windows 8?

    pcRat: The only possible glitch I see with your arrangement is having a Shutdown tile as the first one on the Start Screen. When you are on the Start Screen, pressing the <Enter> key will activate the first tile, which in your case would activate a shutdown -- making it easy to accidentally...
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    Syncing Iphone?

    Both before and after I installed iTunes, my iPhone 4 showed up in File Explorer as soon as I plugged it in. I routinely do this to move photos off the iPhone and into a folder on my computer. Just click on "Internal Storage" in the right pane, and drill down through the folder hierarchy to...
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    How to always remain connected to wireless network?

    This probably doesn't help solve your problem, but I can report that I can connect/disconnect the LAN cable that connects my Win8 desktop and Win8 notebook, and neither computer will drop its WiFi connection. FWIW, they all (including my WiFi router) are on addressing.
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    Upgraded to Windows 8, insane RAM cache.

    Hmmm. Not sure long-term, but in short-term, it looks like once it caches, it keeps it in cache. I just opened a bunch of apps, including running a HD video, and the cache crept up to 3.4GB. Closing all those apps, and going into Task Manager and closing all those annoying background...
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    Solved Cannot format free space to extend a primary partition.

    I find that Windows Disk Management is not all that capable for partition management. It's great for displaying information, and manipulating drive letters, though. I use EaseUS FREE Partition Master Home Edition and it's light years ahead of the Windows utility. What you're trying to do...
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    Upgraded to Windows 8, insane RAM cache.

    To answer one of your questions: No, it is not normal for Win8 to cache all the RAM. I have 12GB installed, with 1GB allocated to the IGP (i3-3225, with no discrete graphics card), and Task Manager shows 10.2GB available, and only 2.5GB cached:
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    Intel Processor running high all the time

    In BIOS (UEFI), is EIST (SpeedStep) enabled? That's the Intel feature that steps the processor frequency up and down to match its load. [edit:] Ooops. I didn't see that you double-posted this topic. Someone else already pointed out EIST to you.
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    Start Button Missing & understanding why

    For that particular example, finding Control Panel, it's even easier and you never need to see a tiled UI: press <windows key+x>, <p> Voila! Need Device Manager? <windows key+x>,<m> There are tons of keyboard shortcuts for those of us who grew up without mice.