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    Solved msn weather app failure

    Thank you
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    Solved msn weather app failure

    my pc crashed --reinstalled 8.1 , now i can not download msn weather to put it back on , when i go to download it tells me i own it at the top of page but it refuses to download so i can reinstall it . i go through everything it tells me including sign in details --so what do i do to get it back
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    Solved TYKE 56

    i turned off windows update automatically to allow me to install. then i use update trouble shooter to fix problem which works to fix it but only once
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    windows 7 pro to windows 8,1

    using hp elitebook 8530p 64 bit , i cannot install windows 8.1, am using bought disc so have product key , trying to install , it stops at 37% and goes no further even though i have left running for an hour . it says it will stop and start during set up but nooooo, what am i doing wrong, have...