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    Earphones audio keeps on switching sides

    When I use my earphones, they have a tendency to leave only one ear working, which is why most of the time I have to adjust them just to keep the audio coming out from both sides. They work fine when I use them on a phone though. Anyone knows the problem here? When I use actual headphones, they...
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    Small player size in Chrome for Youtube?

    Why is it that my player size for my personal account is different than the player size for my brand account? Here's what the player for my brand account looks like: And here's the one for my personal:
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    CPU Temp Problems - 30-40% usage

    Every time I open task manager my CPU usually says it has 68-88 processes going on, and is usually sitting at 35-40% usage, sometimes even reaching 50. Is there a fix to this? The process that seems to be taking a lot is this "Service Host: Local System", is it safe to end this? The CPU that...
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    Timezone randomly changing

    Got an idea on what that is?
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    Timezone randomly changing

    Ok so my timezone is originally UTC +8:00 but for some reason it gets changed to UTC +4:00. I noticed that this happens after closing Metal Gear Solid 5. Anyone knows why this is happening after playing that?