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    Power Options - Add or Remove "Min/Max processor state"

    Hmm, that's a very good solution as well so Thank You for the fast response, but while I was googling, I found exactly what I was looking for. A tutorial to change the power through a batch file. If you want, you can add it as part of this or some other tutorial. You create a batch file, and...
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    Power Options - Add or Remove "Min/Max processor state"

    Is there any way to change the min/max values from the registry or through a batch script or something? When I play games my laptop gets hot, so I switch the max value to 94% just to disable the turbo boost, which in turn lowers my max cpu temp from 100 degrees Celsius to something more...
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    Settings don't save?

    My windows 8.1 installation has many problems, most of which are browser-related, but even windows related. For example, if I set firefox as my default browser, it won't save this setting at all, if I double click a file that should open with firefox, it will actually open with chrome. Also...
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    Does Windows 8.1 Setup delete everything?

    Hi guys, I'm currently using windows 7 and want to install 8.1 I just launched the setup, and on the window where it asks what to keep, the only option is 'Nothing'. Does windows 8.1 setup delete everything I've got on my current partition, or will it transfer my current system into a...