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    Solved Cannot access

    OK now -thanks for your help!
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    Solved Cannot access

    Still the same. Missing the up-to-date info! Thanks for your help so far.
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    Solved Cannot access

    Sorry to bring this here but it is your "sister" site so hopefully you can help. For the past two+ weeks I get 403 - Forbidden: Access is denied. You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied. when I try to access It happens in...
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    Please help a damsel in distress. Windows 8 install

    Go to Dell support here and follow along through the pages to find an updated monitor driver. I found the one for a Dell 2201 monitor here if that is the correct model number. If not you should be able to find one for your monitor. Better than re-installing 8 and trying to find it. The list of...
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    Windows 8 Install "Load Media Driver"

    Do you have an external DVD player? Try with that . the same thing happened to me just last night when I tried to install on my Lenovo notebook (4 yrs. old) Same exact message. Using external player worked for me. EDIT: internal player works now. Win 8 must have the correct driver.
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    Solved Microsoft apps not working

    If Brink's suggestion to uninstall Norton doesn't do the trick, take a look at this thread from Microsoft Community.
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    Solved Upgrading to Win 8 Pro failed

    Hi ODL, Give this link a read, especially the reply by ZigZag3143. You may be having a problem with a driver. ....Have you run sfc /scannow via an admin. command prompt? There might be a corrupted system file. ....and of course you can try burning a new install media as suggested above. Good...
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    Solved Upgrading to Win 8 Pro failed

    Here is anther related thread from KentC's link. The first answer is from a MS staffer.
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    Solved Upgrading to Win 8 Pro failed

    If you're using an install media of windows 8 (USB or DVD) and are trying to do an upgrade within Windows 7 then you need to use the setup inside Sources. i.e.: open media > click on sources> click on setup to proceed with upgrade. Using setup from the first screen results in what you're...
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    Take Windows 7 from Computer 1 and install to Computer 2

    You're going to ditch Windows 8 because of the wifi problem? Have you looked at device manager and tried to update driver? Have you tried to find the correct updated driver for your wifi on the support site of your wifi device? Have you tried plugging in a third party wifi adapter so that you...
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    Cannot Install Windows 8 or Access Previous OS

    Sounds like you tried to do an upgrade over XP and have encountered the error that is blocking the completion of the install, leaving you without a usable OS on your computer. You need to follow the steps carefully (in link that Theog provided) using another computer as described in the...
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    Cannot Install Windows 8 or Access Previous OS

    Did you download and run Windows upgrade assistant? Since you are installing Windows on a machine that has been running XP I'm going to hazard a guess that there may be something that needs to be updated/upgraded (driver, hardware, etc.) that is causing the problem with the install even if...
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    Solved cant Install win 8, "your pc needs reapair.. ntoskrnl.exe"

    Use Partition Wizard Home Edition available for download here. You can format each/any partition (as well as other actions) as needed. Back up all data you wish to keep of course, just in case of unlikely trouble.