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    Not sure what's your exact goal. You can remove both Windows mail and Outlook (diff apps) via the classic uninstall using the control panel, or WindowsAppBoss to remove any metro app, that's for the apps at least. As for your Outlook account, if that's the goal, you can delete it (the account)...
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    Help with Firefox if possible please.

    Sure, easy. Open your bookmarks panel, I mean make it visible, yes, it will show on your right (this is what you want to change). Now, look at the title, it says "* Bookmarks" with a 5 star on the left of the text and a chevron sign pointing DOWN. This is a whole area button. Once you click...
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    Solved Is it possible to move swapfile.sys to a different volume?

    Worth updating, why not? after all is knowledge for others too. First, forget about the swapfile.sys, you will go almost nuts trying to get rid of it, or the issues that come after somehow removing it. This is a SEPARATE file needed for universal apps. This means there is not just one...
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    Help needed! Windows Explorer memory leak

    Try autoruns Create a restore point, then disable everything until you are left only with the bare minimum (many things load at startup) and see if it helps, this will remove any interference of third party programs being loaded...
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    Windows 8.1 component store got corrupt and can't start 32bit applications

    Sorry. Recommended usual methods: 1. Restore from backup (first backup your data before changing anything drastically), hard lesson! 2. Reinstall
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    Any good PDF app recommendations?

    Hi, I will appreciate suggestions of decent (and fast) PDF apps, specially: - Compatible with Windows 8.1 - Ideally with pen/stylus compatibility - Speed is an important aspect I have worked many years with Adobe Acrobat Pro, but for annotations I honestly like XodoPDF (XodoDocs) and DrawBoard...
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    Windows Embedded 8 Industry Enterprise

    Sorry forgot... After reading a lot on the web, I found people explaining you actually need Policy editor to change some setting, and then you can sideload. But no luck for me. I've been trying with APPBOSS, this tool allows you to directly sideload (used it in the past with great luck) but now...
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    Windows Embedded 8 Industry Enterprise

    Well... I'm on the same boat. I'm running official stock Windows 8.1 from Microsoft on my Surface 3, but I can't install any store/metro app, and sideloading is not working for me. I can't even get a developer license (needed for installing) all I can do (ending up with "installed apps")...
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    Can anyone help me to install Windows 8.1 on a Dell Vostro 3520 with a i7 12th gen processor?

    I'm not familiar with this specific computer model, or faced this error in the past, nope. But someone here faced the same: INTERNAL POWER ERROR bsod Apparently he got some luck, but never confirmed solving the issue, perhaps you can get lucky. I suggest... you try the following: 1. Use...
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    Windows Embedded 8 Industry Enterprise

    I have one ISO (Windows 8 embedded) not sure about the last names (industry, enterprise, whatever). I've used it on low end machines and it's a very FAST OS. I can't offer you to upload it for several reasons (speed, size and legal aspects), but I can suggest a couple of OFFICIAL links...
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    Win 8.1 on 1GB of RAM and Atom CPU,tweaks and optimization possible?

    Old thread, but worth updating. I've had mixed experiences installing Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 on older devices. By far, Windows 8.1 embedded has been the fastest needing less ram and being quite efficient with the resources. Other than that, a debloated version of Windows 8.1 pro x64...
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    Firefox 122 on Windows 8.1 (got it running)

    Hi everyone, just wanted to share this. I'm currently using Firefox 115, but... I managed to install Firefox 122 x64 on Windows 8.1, and it runs pretty well. 1. You have to manually download the official package of the version you want (from Mozilla) 2. Unzip it (using 7zip), inside the...
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    Why bother with 8.1?

    Hi, just wanted to let you (and others here) know, the forum is not allowing new accounts, or at least it reports an error time after time. This could explain the silence, the place being so quiet. I tried several times, diff days on diff weeks to open this account, and only managed to do it...