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    Can a window have the same colour as close button

    Is it possible to adjust the window color so the close button looks like it 'fused' in because the close button is a solid colour
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    What's your Internet Speed?

    ~2 Megabits/second ~400 kilobytes/second
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    How do i degrease a keyboard

    What is required to degrease a keyboard? The keys on the keyboard are shiny
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    Happy 40th Anniversary Microsoft

    Microsoft completely changed the whole computing world
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    Black Screen Wallpaper bug

    Could anyone help???
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    Why can't i use my EightForums account with Seven

    Nice computer z3r010
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    Why can't i use my EightForums account with Seven

    Eightforums and Sevenforums are both related,but why can't I login using my Eightforums account? Any reasons
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    Screenshots of latest Office 2016 reveals new color theme

    How do i get Office 2016 for Windows 8.1?
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    Deleted Windows Recovery Environment Partition

    I was deleting some partitions including the OEM Partition and WinRE_DRV to re-install Windows 8.1,then i decided not to re-install Windows. Now when i go back to recovery options, when i click on Troubleshooting, all i find are Change UEFI settings or Change Start-up Behavior(or something like...
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    Black Screen Wallpaper bug

    On Windows 8.1 whenever I change the wallpaper from Personalisation,when I close the window,the wallppaper goes all black,though the wallpaper appears on the Desktop tile on the start screen. I know you can fix this by enabling Desktop Icons,but is there any permanent fixes for this bug? Some...