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    Intel HD Graphics, help for drivers
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    Latest Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows 8

    Now officialy on Intel: Version (15.36.19): Intel® Download Center 32bit Intel® Download Center 64bit
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    High CPU usage caused by System Interrupts and System

    Go here and either download and install the Windows flash utility, this is the most comfortable but not the most recommended way to flash the Bios. It's a no-brainer. The recommended way is to download the Bios file, put it on...
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    High CPU usage caused by System Interrupts and System

    This can be tricky. I had these high interrupts on USB ports, too. But it turned out to be a faulty graphics driver causing the system interrupts to go havoc. It can be caused by pretty much everything you don't expect. Programs like process explorer can help to figure out what process forces...
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    Latest Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows 8

    It's up on Intel now :rolleyes:
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    Latest Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows 8

    I'm really confused about the drivers update policy at their site. I saw the new version posted on the site of a computer magazin i regulary visit, with official release notes by Intel, pointing to their download servers. But obviously that version is not released there, yet. I don't know if I'm...
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    Latest Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows 8

    Version 15.36.18 is out :geek:
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    Any free good tool to remove all junk from my pc

    CCleaner - PC Optimization and Cleaning - Free Download Free PC cleaner I use these in combination. None of them broke anything.
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    i just updated chipset drivers should i update these too?

    If your system runs stable, there is no need for updating. Updating these components can cause more trouble than benefits. Your board manufactorer should offer the valid versions of Rapid Storage and Management Engine for you board.
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    What free mail client with Google calender support to use?

    I'm currently using Thunderbird with the Lightning add-on, but not that the whole thing is just sluggish, it's error-prone as well. Syncing IMAP takes ages, too. Is there anything comparable which has support for Google calendar sync in one program without any hassle of registration or hacking...
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    Wierd lags and CPU overloads.

    Judging by your dxdiag.txt the driver of your soundcard is the windows generic driver from Microsoft. You should install the driver from Asus. Either from the CD (if you have one), or from the product support site on
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    Latest Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows 8

    Uhm, Version 3960 is out.:geek:
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    System Interrupts abnormal high CPU usage

    If you are familiar with process explorer tools, you can pinpoint what process is causing the high load. I solved it by installing the newest graphics driver. But it may be any other driver in your system.
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    Best program to clean my PC

    I also have no problems using CCleaner. Haven't had any under '98, XP, 8, 8.1. Cleaners come from a time where HDD space was few and OSs where fragile in stability. They could fix invalid registry entrys causing problems when programs were uninstalled, but they also could make a mess. Nowadays...
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    Drivers, Fast Boot, System Freezing

    Try to disable fastboot, thats what I did. I'm not sure whether it is a driver issue or anything else. Give latest drivers a try, if it not works, disable fastboot. With an 840 EVO you should espect almost the same startup time, so disabling fastboot doesn't hurt too much.
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    Solved ssd lesson learned

    Usually, when setting it up from scatch, Windows detects the SSD and disables defrag.
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    Latest Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows 8

    ...and it's not only for their NUC's anymore ;)
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    clean installation-missing drivers

    If the mainboard needs the Intel Management Engine drivers, the installation of the IME drivers could solve the entrys in device manager.
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    Solved Where can I find my Drivers?

    After Windows installation has finished: 1. chipset drivers 2. IMEI 3. Rapid Storage (if you don't plan to setup a RAID, it will at least help to save some power) 4. Graphic drivers 5. Sound drivers There is no need to install any drivers during Windows setup because Win 8.1 includes the...