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    Latest NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Drivers for Windows 8

    New Beta driver available: 331.40
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    no sell in ebay

    Do you get the following panel at the foot of the page?
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    no sell in ebay

    Try this. On the Ebay page, press F12 and scroll down the menu that appears until you get to Emulation (it's the last option). You will see an entry User Agent String: which will show Default as its value. Click on the drop-down box, and you can pick other options, such as Internet Explorer 8 etc.
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    Solved What CPUs will fit on my motherboard?

    It will be very difficult and expensive to change the CPU on your motherboard. BGA stands for Ball grid array - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, and specialised equipment is needed to install and remove these components from PCBs (they are surface-mounted, and not actually socketed).
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    Windows 8 License Transfer to Mac Mini

    See if the following helps: Product Key Number - Uninstall and Deactivate in Windows - Windows 7 Help Forums
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    Show us your SSD performance

    A popular thread over at Windows 7 Forums, I thought I'd bring it over here to see what we're getting with the Windows 8 OS. Here's mine, using the default settings: The benchmark I've used is ATTO 2.47, available from Disk Benchmark | ATTO or Download ATTO Disk Benchmark - MajorGeeks
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    Microsoft Really Wants to Make Windows 8.1 Much Better...

    They can start by fixing the bug in Hyper V, whereby I find the following: Neither VMware nor VirtualBox suffer from this problem.
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    If you've got a question to ask, just post it as a new thread in the appropriate place. See Board FAQ
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    See Windows 8 Forums FAQ
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    Solved Excel Chart Rename Cell help needed

    That's much easier than my method, however I must admit that Excel is not my strongpoint.
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    Solved Excel Chart Rename Cell help needed

    Ok, here you go. It's a bit convoluted, but it works. Click on C2 and type Income Click on the chart Click on Chart Filters (the 3rd icon down, representing a funnel) Click on Select Data... In the dialogue box Chart data range: (already highlighted), edit it to read as follows...
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    Solved Excel Chart Rename Cell help needed

    Can you attach the .xls file to your reply, and I'll take a look (or someone else will). You will need to zip the file first.
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    Performace hit with Hyper V installed

    For some reason, when I enable Hyper V, I find that the system bus speed has decreased from 100MHz to ~97MHz. This is annoying, and surely MS should find a solution for this issue, not least because system bus speed can affect all other peripherals in the system.
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    User Profiles - Relocate to another Partition or Disk

    There is a much simpler way to do this, and it involves an edit to the registry. I've used this method on all my installations without any problems. To have all subsequent accounts have their user data on the U drive/partition Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00...
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    Solved Windows 8 Upgrade / UEFI confusion

    I don't recall seeing any prompts to remove installation media during my W8 install, but as I said above I have other drivers on the stick so I keep it in until I have installed those. Have you formatted the USB as FAT32?
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    Solved Windows 8 Upgrade / UEFI confusion

    You should have no problems, providing you follow the above mentioned Tutorials correctly. I think that your problem stems from you removing the installation media before the install has completely finished (I leave mine in, as I have also got the latest audio and graphics drivers on the USB...
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    IE11 and Enable Protected mode I need OFF for 1 Site

    Have you tried the Trusted Sites zone for this? Enable Protected Mode can be independently set for each of the 4 zones.
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    Solved e.mail printing on windows 8 useing outlook

    Use the Ctrl+P shortcut.
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    Windows 8 taking a few hours to boot, laggy as heck.

    See the following Tutorial: And DO NOT install Advanced System Care Ultimate, as I think that this is where your problems are stemming from.
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    Clock changes every 10 minutes?

    That is correct. Removal of the battery only causes the configuration settings to reset themselves to their defaults as encoded in the ROM file. The ROM file is not erased, nor is it reverted back to the initial version. Updating it, if you have done so like me (I have updated mine several...