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    I done it again!

    "Running the RAM test, it got up to 88% and stalled out. ??? It just froze!" After failing this test, why wouldn't you just have reconditioned the Ram and rerun the test?
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    Windows 8.1 will not allow me to delete or resize a partition?

    Brand new to 8.1 and I'm stymied with this situation. The 8TB Drive I have the O/S installed on has a 100MB Partition, a 7451.37GB Partition and a 451MB Partition, in that sequence. I understand that I need the first two. I'd like to merge the third into the second however, Windows will not let...
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    I need help migrating from W7P to W8.1P.

    Life has been a challenge! My wife Camille had a major heart attack on April 20th. Thank God for excellent Clearwater Fire Department EMT's! She and I did not recognize the symptoms and waited to call 911. She initially became nauseous and assumed she picked up something from the grandkids. Then...
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    I need help migrating from W7P to W8.1P.

    SOLVED by F22 SimPilot on "On its face it sounds like a user account mess up. Go to C:\Users\[your username]\Desktop and right click the desktop folder. Select Properties and chose the Security tab. Do you have full control? Have any other issues in your profile? Corrupt User...
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    I need help migrating from W7P to W8.1P.

    My install of Windows 7 Pro has become a nightmare for me. I liked the way it worked but now I cannot deal with it. The latest, I do not have permission to move or delete items from the Desktop. I am the Administrator! I do not want to get into the whys and wherefores, I just give up. Is there a...
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    How to patch windows 7, 8, 10 32-bit to see above 4gb ram (new patch)

    ALSO Is there the possibility that by upgrading the CPU, to one that supports greater memory, like 32GB's vs 16GB's the need for the Patch might be negated?
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    How to tile windows like in Win 7 Task Manager? (tile horizontally/vertically)

    I would like to more to 8.1 as you describe your System running under. Should I create a Clone and try and upgrade to 8.1 on it or just use my non Cloned system to upgrade. Once upgraded, can / will you help me get to your Classic Shell version running like Windows 7? Mike Lynch
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    How to patch windows 7, 8, 10 32-bit to see above 4gb ram (new patch)

    I would also like to try it after confirmation that you effort was successful .
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    How to reinstate WinMail onto Windows 8/10/11

    I have no idea how my whatever appeared here. I never subscribed to this thread that I know of!
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    New Acer Lap Top came with Linux - How to Install Win 7?

    You were correct! Once I Logged In, I was able to respond to the Post. Many thanks.
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    integrate windows iso update

    Yes, it seems correct to me.
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    Keep One Change One [12]

    Yes, my thoughts also.
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    Debating if I should redo HDD into RAID format

    Does 8.1 provide software raid zero?
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    Debating if I should redo HDD into RAID format

    Does *.1 provide software raid zero?
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    Finding W7 Activation Number without being able to Boot from the Drive.

    I have several old Hard Drives from PC's I can no longer Boot from. Is there a way to find and record the Activation Number without being able to Boot from their C: Drives? Can I use a Hard Drive Dock of some sort and scan the Drive for the Activation Number with software? I use the term...
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    Will W-8.1 allow a user to revert back to W-7 like W-10 will?

    A while back I did a W-7 to W-8.1 migration. While I was doing it, I believe / think I remember being asked if I wanted to Migrate: everything; the W-7 O/S, the Software Programs and the User Data. or Just W-7 O/S and the User Data or I am unsure of this one, if it exists. What I would like to...
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    Are there apps that cause a w7 type start menu under w8.1?

    If so, what are they and which work the best?
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    Created a DVD with photos on it. Now it cannot be opened?

    Windows 8.1. Used whatever Copy / Paste software comes with 8.1 Edge is my Browser. I have a full copy of the photos on my C: Hard Drive. The DVD DVD had a full 4.7GB's unused. It was then Formatted. I then Copied the photos I wanted and Pasted them to it. The System spent about 1/2 hour writing...