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  1. Lifewalker

    Solved Application Data folder inside Application Data folder

    This post is a little dated but putting this out again for clarity! Believe it or not the "infinite" recursion of Application Data folders are by design. They are not folders but junctions and should be left alone! This has being going on since Vista. It can be a nightmare when the permissions...
  2. Lifewalker

    Screen blanker without locking screen?

    I use NirSoft's NirCmd to do the same thing. This command line app is a swiss army knife. You can make a 1 click shortcut (pin to taskbar) to instantly blank the screen. Shake/Click your mouse or hit any key and the screen wakes up. Hope this helps! Get the portable nircmd.exe Scroll to the...
  3. Lifewalker

    Login Screen Account Picture

    I'm glad i ran across this post. Just submitted this yesterday. This was the only solution i found after hours of configurations. Hope this helps. Can't change account picture / lock screen's picture
  4. Lifewalker

    Installing new Hard Drive question.

    I have an XPS 8500 as well that i'm on right now. Below is one solution to 4 beeps pause 4 beeps. Older Machines could very well have a worn out battery which is usually easy to replace. You should really check the health of that WD10EZEX-75ZF5A0 1TB spinning hard drive before anything else, it...
  5. Lifewalker

    Solved Can't change account picture / lock screen's picture

    I know this is 4 years old. I spent 6 hours trying to change the User account pictures in every which way possible on Windows 8.1. This Quick User Manager was the only thing that worked. I used a 448x448 picture. Posting this for anyone still looking for a solution. Hope this...
  6. Lifewalker

    unable to rename folders in windows 8.1

    Just recreated my VistaForums account here to say what worked for me. Please read all of this first before you try. This post is almost a year old. The only Microsoft solution so far that did not work for me ( i.e. PranavMishra5582 Microsoft Support Engineer on 9.19.2014 at this Microsoft site...