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    Unable to remove Photos, OneDrive, Camera and Store apps

    Thanks, will try it and post results
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    Unable to remove Photos, OneDrive, Camera and Store apps

    I searched everywhere, tried the Powershell commands without success. Thanks for any feedback
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    Unable to set default program

    Hi, I'm trying to associate the .epub extension with an installed program (an ebook reader, Icecream). I do this in multiple ways: right clicking on the file and choosing "Open with"/Use this app for all epub files" and then choosing the program from the list, and by going to Control...
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    Wireless Security/basic question

    Thanks for your reply, that's good to know!
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    Solved How to disable "Configuring Bluetooth Services"?

    Hi, just an update, I solved the issue uninstalling the Widcomm software from Broadcom, the native Windows bluetooth software works fine.
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    How to change SATA mode after Windows installation?

    I have a Windows 8.1x64 system that was installed under AHCI mode and now want to change the BIOS SATA mode to RAID, but when I do this it won't boot (BSOD), it only boots if I set SATA mode to AHCI. I googled and tried the following tip but it still won't boot (BSOD): Change to RAID mode from...
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    Solved How to disable "Configuring Bluetooth Services"?

    Yes, I know I can disable bluetooth and problem solved, but I need to have bluetooth enabled since I use a bluetooth mouse and keyboard, and when enabled I have the issue reported in my post above.
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    Solved How to disable "Configuring Bluetooth Services"?

    While working with my new Dell XPS laptop, I get an annoying "configuring bluetooth services" message displayed frequently. Any hint as to how to disable it?
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    Outlook 2013 to Outlook 2016/restoring email accounts

    Hi, is there any way of backing up all email accounts in Outlook 2013 (including username+password) and restoring them in Outlook 2016 without having to manually recreate the accounts? Thanks
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    Need help/2 950 Pro NVMe in RAID 0/Asus Z170-A

    Hi, after some struggling I was able to clone (using Samsung Cloning Tool) my original Windows 8.1x64 from a Samsung 830 SSD to the Samsung 950 Pro in the Z170-A onboard M.2 slot and boot Windows 8.1x64 from it. Then I added a 2nd 950Pro mounted on a PCIe card to the 3rd PCIe slot and was able...
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    Wireless Security/basic question

    I read that wifi routers use various encryption standards like WEP, WPA, etc. Is this encryption only active during the login process to protect unauthorized access (username/password encryption), or is this encryption also active during all data exchange between a client (notebook, tablet, etc)...
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    How to encrypt all wifi communications?

    I don't mean just the wifi router access encryption (WPA, etc), I mean all wifi connections to the wifi router. Is there a way to do this? Thanks
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    Weird!Windows Credentials auto delete after a certain time

    Hi all, I created a Windows Credential (Control Panel/Credential Manager/Windows Credential/Add a Windows Credential) for my external Synology NAS so that I don't have to input my NAS username and password each time I want to map the NAS as a drive in Windows Explorer. The strange thing is that...
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    Latest Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows 8

    Thanks whest, no issues so far, so I won't upgrade.
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    Latest Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows 8

    I'm using Asus official driver which seems to be older than the one posted here. Should I replace it with Intel's official one? Thanks.
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    Need Video card recommendation

    I sold my MSI GeForce N660Ti PE 2GD5/OC videocard and plan to replace it with a new GeForce card. What would be the cheapest videocard that outperforms this card today? Thanks
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    Unable to open, rename or delete a folder

    Yesterday I encountered a weird situation. We all know the 256 character Windows limitation, and I always was able to override this issue by renaming the file or folder. This time I had this folder with more than 256 characters, and Windows was unable to open, rename or delete it, in all cases...
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    Trying to free up disk space

    Yes, I seldom use System Restore as I do complete image backups monthly. On top of that, I allocated 105GB disk space for system restore, crazy. I only turn on system restore temporarily whenever I install new software, once I verify the system is stable without issues I disable it. For some...
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    Trying to free up disk space

    Thanks Ztrucker, -applied your suggested command and the hiberfile.sys is gone, 25GB gained :), it seems hybernation was not disabled. -I checked the dumps folder, only one dmp file dated april 2015, seems safe to delete, haven't done so yet. - Most amazing of all, I turned off system...
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    Trying to free up disk space

    Hi all, I will be cloning my main OS to a smaller size SSD so I'm forced to free up space. 1) I see a folder called "System Volume Information" , size 105GB, with a bunch of files dating back to Septembrer 2015. Are all these files necessary? 2) I see a "hiberfil.sys" in the root C, size...