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    Windows 10 Available on July 29

    I am waiting for the update to go live and then I will check out Windows 10 on my desktop. I have seen some of the changes already but I have not been actively following Windows 10. Some of the update will be a surprise to me. I will probably spend a few days playing around and testing changes.
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    Classic Shell for Windows 8

    I have used Classic Shell for months on Windows 8 and I love using it.
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    How Microsoft is improving Windows Store app catalog

    While improvements are nice I have not really used many Windows Apps. Maybe if I knew of more good apps I would.
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    Celebrating Microsoft Solitaire

    This might seem silly but I used to have access to a very weak computer and Freecell/Solitare used to be the games I played every day. I had lots of fun. I do not play them that much any more but I do every once and a while.
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    No new Windows Phone flagship until second half of 2015

    I do not know that many people who have a Windows phone. One of my co-workers does
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    Does Windows defragment your SSD?

    The Samsung SSD I have has its own trim commands. I just would use that software I felt like I needed to.
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    Do I need any of these cyberlink programs?

    A lot computers bought from stores have stuff like this on them. They call them frebies but I see at bloatware or junk.
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    Join us January 21st to hear about next Windows 10 chapter

    I am not sure what you mean with your comment but I remember beta testing Windows 7 and it caused errors with some of the games I love to play. I do not want to repeat that!
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    Mozilla Firefox asking for user donations - huh?

    That gets on my nerves. I should be able to just run an installer and click next>next>next but now I have to take the time to unlick everything. I have Firefox installed as an alternative browser but I do not really use it.
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    Windows 8 - Yoot - Free Youtube app

    Il check this out later. I was looking for a good YouTube app for a while. I know I can just go the wbesite but I like using software.
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    Join us January 21st to hear about next Windows 10 chapter

    I am interested in Windows 10 but I do not like testing software before release. I look forward to it then.
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    Bing leads adoption of safe preference for child safety

    The only reason I use Bing over Google now is because of the rewards. I guess they bribed me into using Bing because I got about 3 - 4 gift cards from them.
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    What made you pick your screen name?

    I use this screen name for everything.
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    Solved Bored with Metro already and other thoughts

    In a way, part me wants to like the stat screen because I am a very visual person and I like the see things. The giant icons make this easier and love the animated icons even more. I always had huge icons on my desktop as well and I wish I can make them even bigger sometimes. In practice I just...
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    Is Java necessary?

    I use java to do my school work online so I must have it.