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    WINDOWS FAX AND SCAN - New Bug Solved

    More good news .... once past that bug solved, seems that WFS hd saved/archived one/more of those "bad" files sooooo when booting up next day AMBUSH and Blue Screen of Death to deal with ... go get'M Norton 360!
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    WINDOWS FAX AND SCAN - New Bug Solved

    Today won't fax and won't delete while "in progress" file suspect as the hang up Suspect was a medical FAX that needed to include TWO .TIFF files, since JPG/others are outlawed on this buggy software Well, the four other twins easily deleted since not "in progress" as #1 was Nothing worked...
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    WINDOWS INSTALLER HOG & HIDDEN ... DiskCleaner kudos

    Thank you for reading an responding. Obviously you are not a candidate to have such a problem as this computer = >EIGHT years old >Design studio workhorse >Many 3rd party software trials and removals >Google Earth .msi hogs aplenty >Billing, accounting, timesheet, communications, design...
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    WINDOWS INSTALLER HOG & HIDDEN ... DiskCleaner kudos

    Due to 2013 ASUS gaming computer Best Buy with awesome performance even in 2021, was running out a C: drive space and fast with NO CLUES, thanks MS?!?!?! Years of moving to more generous D: drive, also w/o OS hogging features, many cannot be trashed (e.g. MS games never to be played WinApps)...
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    Combine Two Partitions In Windows 8

    Please may I send you a jpg of my ASUS partition problem those geniuses created, then can't support me in English thereafter? Best Buy promised to enlarge tiny C: drive when bought new from them during date transfer but LIED ... now running out of room, of course. Not interested in Partition...
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    Should I wait for windows 8.2

    MS Tech III says KB2919355 won't install so it's my problem to reinstall 8.1/whatever = 3 weeks (again) loading my business software on the "hater" (multiple tries before success). Tried to get some local techs to do the lion's share + correct idiot ASUS paritioning (C: = 150GB = 15% of the HDD...
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    Windows keeps turning off my screen

    In my case, I think I have this resolved. First I insured that my desktop computer settings were NEVER off but I might change that some future date when I trust win8.1-64 stability. Then I made sure that my screen saver was set to some traditional scheme, nothing new that might be experimental...