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  1. DJMetal

    Need HELP with Windows 8.1!

    Thanks MGhee and Bree! I hadn't thought of doing a Linuc install before. I might just try that suggestion! I already knew and tried using that dynabook site, while it had some drivers, most are just generic and dont run correctly in the Toshiba, it also doesn't have the apps or features that...
  2. DJMetal

    Word Association [10]

  3. DJMetal

    Need HELP with Windows 8.1!

    So a Windows update corrupted a reg file or two and I can't seem to fix it with SFC. "When I open the "Charms" and tap "Change PC Settings" NOTHING opens! I tried doing a command string to get it to open, but it failed with a ton of error codes in red fonts and It "suggests" I reinstall, but I...