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    How to Renable Password Save for a Specific Website?

    I mistakenly told IE 11 to NOT remember a password for one specific web site, and I want to reverse that decision for the site. All other sites that I have saved a password for are working fine, and I also want IE to prompt me to save a password for the one specific site I messed up on! Help?
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    Windows App Store Down?

    I'm having no success either updating or adding new apps from the Windows Apps Store, both on Windows 8.1 and a VM installation of Windows 10. Others are complaining of receiving an 0x80240438 error or "no Internet connection" error. I've tried all of the troubleshooting from various threads...
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    References for Windows 8.1 update 2 found in Windows 10

    This was announced my Microsoft? I don't think so.
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    Multiple Desktop Resolutions

    Your TV is likely only showing 1920x1080 so the image is cropped. I believe all devices need to be set to the same max resolution of 1920x1080.
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    Solved Outlook 2010 and 2013 conflicting. Can't open 2013.

    Are you trying to connect to an Exchange mail server, e.g. one managed by your employer?
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    Windows fax and scan grayed out forward as email

    Have you tried saving the scanned images to a file, and then simply attaching that file to your email? Drag and drop is application specific
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    Can't install iTunes on my Windows computer.

    Are you running 32 or 64-bit Windows? I just checked the iTunes download page at Apple - iTunes - Download iTunes Now and IE apparently correctly identified my OS to the Apple site and the program that started to download is itunes64setup.exe. I would suggest you download the file (don't run...
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    Surface or YouTube Problem?

    Sites handle calls from different browsers differently, so the fact that IE works seems to imply that it's how YT is handling your FF calls when signed in -- which are likely different than when not signed in due to the involvement of sign-in cookies. For grins, when signed in on IE and...
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    Microsoft Anna on Windows 8?

    Hazel doesn't work for you? She's available...
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    Context menu for playto

    I just tested this function. The "Play To" option only appears when an external DLNA renderer is present (functioning) on the network. It disappears when that device is turned of.
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    Solved LG TV not playing sound when connected via HDMI cable

    If you highlight the LG TV you should​ be able to set it as default. If not, it sounds lik a permission issue (like non-admin account).
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    PDF 'Read out loud' function Disabled

    The screen shot you provided in your post shows that is it set to 0. That's what I was pointing out. I have no other comment for you.
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    PDF 'Read out loud' function Disabled

    Try increasing the System Sounds volume. It is set to O based on your screen shot.
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    installed extra ram, won't boot

    What does the BIOS report for the memory? You should be able to enter the BIOS before it attempts to load the operating system. If you don't boot into the BIOS at all then it's a memory incompatibility issue. Doesn't the ASUS board require the same type (speed) in the respective slots? Mine...
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    Windows 8 Apps and the Windows Firewall

    Has anyone noticed that when you add or update an existing Windows 8 app an exception is added to Windows Firewall to allow that app an exception through the firewall? Whenever I add or update an app I have to go into Windows Firewall to disable the exception. I all cases, the apps still work...
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    Netflix and IE11 bug\issue

    Try opening the page using IE desktop mode (not the metro UI), then hit F12 to bring up the debug window. Experiment with different document modes or user agent strings. If you find one that works, keep the debug window open and minimize it. I have encountered some streaming sites have not...
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    Solved Flash stil not working in IE 11 with Win 8.1

    This solution does not work in all cases unfortunately. The problem in the example in my prior post was not solved by simply adding the site to the compatibility mode list. I have to change the document mode for the Flash object to play.
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    Solved Flash stil not working in IE 11 with Win 8.1

    It might be the particular web page. With the page open hit F12 and try different document modes, browser agents and/or strings. I had the same issue where the Nvidia site kept saying I didn't have Flash installed. I selected a different agent and it immediately saw Flash. The site hadn't...
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    Help on launching remote desktop on Win 8.1

    Have you tried using compatibility mode? Or hit F12 when on the web page in desktop mode and check the document mode. I had a similar issue and selecting a different document mode corrected the problem.
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    Solved Enable adobe flash player

    Which browser are you using?