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  1. moinmoin

    Alternative to Unlocker

    You can try TakeOwnershipEx WinAero: Downloads / Software / TakeOwnershipEx allows you to get full access to files and folders
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    Themes for Windows 8

    And "third-party" theme Windows 8 Theme, Designs und Visual Styles ; Deskmodder
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    Solved Force "metro" to second monitor

    You can use Start Menu Modifier. It works fine to open the (Metro) start menu on the second monitor. The settings: Default (Fullscreen) and Display 2 and Run on startup. Das Metro Startmenü -Startscreen- immer auf dem zweiten Desktop starten Windows 8 –
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    Change Font

    not yet. but i will see in the next time. :)
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    Change Font

    Sure, it works in RTM. See the pictures in the tutorial. For exemple with Arial Rename each letter and blank letter with a point. S.e.g.o.e. to S......... and then replace S to A | point (.) | the next . to r | point (.) | the next . to i | and so on.
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    Change Font

    Only in the registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics You can translate this with google: Change Fonts in Windows 8 - deskmodder-Wiki
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    VMWare WorkStation 8 on Window 8 RP

    Sure. I have Windows 8 (Host) and also guest.
  8. moinmoin

    VMWare WorkStation 8 on Window 8 RP

    Windows 8 RP and RTM works in VMWare WorkStation 8.0.4 build 744019.
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    Open With "Look for an app in the Store" - Remove

    Now I can finally write: You're welcome. ;)
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    Open With "Look for an app in the Store" - Remove

    Hi Brink in the path is missing System ...on to expand User Configuration, Administrative Templates,System, Internet Communication Management Great Tutorial.
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    Post your Start Screen!

    Its my Metro... And all on: deviantArt
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    Windows 8 Visual Styles?

    You're welcome.
  13. moinmoin

    Windows 8 Visual Styles?

    In the near future, sure. Windows 8 is still very new Can you see here: Visual Styles / Theme for Windows 8 - And on the Metro Start Menu you can very quickly get used.
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    nvidia windows 8 update is ready ... go get it

    The correct driver for the release preview comes end of the week.
  15. moinmoin

    Adobe Premiere not working, error - LoadLibrary failed error 126

    look here: LoadLibrary failed with error 126, redux Within Windows
  16. moinmoin

    Windows 8 Themes

    That's right. Deskthemepacks don't work on Win 7. Themepacks works on 7 and 8.
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    Windows 8 Tips and Tricks!

    Thanks for the tip NiFu.
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    vmware workstation 8.02 now released.

    thanks jimbo. :)
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    Win7 Visual Styles

    Not the visual styles from win 7 only the themepacks.
  20. moinmoin

    Solved Apps not launching?

    Is your resolution under 1024x768, Apps don't work on your HP Slate.