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    April 11, 2017 - KB4015550 (Monthly Rollup)

    Yes you entered it incorrectly. One Basic DOS command ... drive letter + colon = change to the drive. So for example D: switches to the drive D. cd is short for change directory. So with for example cd windows\system32 you change to that directory. You could try to copy your files to another...
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    Customization tools : A very rough guide

    Anyway to disable popup's like the volume indicator overlay meter thing? When i change the audio volume with my mediakeys on my keyboard it pop's up. It annoys me greatly.
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    Volume Meter

    This is kinda funny i would pay money to disable that thing. It annoys me.
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    Remove the Volume Indicator?

    I want that thing gone too. I am searching and asking people for solutions but no one knows anything about how to get rid of it. :(