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    Solved Windows 8.1 ntoskrnl.exe 0xc21a BSOD

    I was able to resolve the issue by running tweaking dot com windows repair module. Thanks to anyone who may have been looking into this issue. Cheers.
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    Have you been waiting for a response?

    Hey guys, no rush because I'm aware you are busy, just wondering if anyone is looking into my help thread @ Windows 8.1 ntoskrnl.exe 0xc21a BSOD Thanks again for all you guys do, you rock!
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    Solved Windows 8.1 ntoskrnl.exe 0xc21a BSOD

    seems like my friend has installed every piece of crap software in existence, so that isn't helping, can only boot in safe mode. Driver verifier causes a BSOD but can't seem to analyze anything other than the ntoskrnl.exe and ntkrnlmp.exe. Ran malwarebytes and ADWcleaner, tried DISM but that...