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    Sure, you can format an SSD. When you install Win 10 (if you have the installation program on CD or USB stick) you can chose to do a "custom" install where you select the drive (the SSD) and Windows will delete the partitions/format and do a clean install for you. See this tutorial Windows 10...
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    We all know what can slow down a computer but....

    Try disabling all the stuff in the Startup tab (shown above, except Intel) and see if that fixes the slow boot up. If it does, start to enable them one by one until you find the problem one.
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    pc empty cant see any drives,sfc scan cant fix corrupt

    What do you get when you right click on "This PC" and select "Manage >Storage>Disk Management". Can you get to that?
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    How do I find my Windows CD Key and install on new HD

    On a home built computer with UEFI, will the Windows install key "embed" itself into the UEFI (firmware chip) so I don't need to keep track of the key number when/if I do a clean re-install with the same version?
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    How do you set windows to automatically Sort files & Doc's

    How about right click on blank spot in Explorer and use "Group By" Type
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    Solved Windows 8.1 to Windows 7 Pro

    Are you installing Win7 x64? One of the common issues is that users try to install X86 version with UEFI enabled in the bios. X86 does not support UEFI so you would have to configure the machine for Legacy boot to install X86 versions of Windows. If you do try to install X86 version setup will...
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    how to prevent use of computer by others

    Sorry. I had no business commenting. My comment had no relevance to the topic. Sometimes I post faster than my brain can consider the implication. I deleted my comment/question.
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    Solved I changed the logon screen wallpaper, but the default....

    Sounds like you set the Desktop background picture but did not change the "Lock Screen". See this See pictures on the desktop, Start, and the lock screen - Windows Help
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    office 2013 installation problem

    Did you buy the program from Microsoft Store (or from a stranger on E-bay or such)? If you purchased from Microsoft Store you can download the English language version by following these instructions: How to change the installation language of Office 2013 - Microsoft Community
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    Hard drive won't open and ChkDsk fails

    You may want to try this (free) recovery software How to fix file or directory is corrupted and unreadable error?
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    Solved Is there a blu ray burner software?

    First you need a Blu-ray drive that is capable of burning (some only read Blu-rays). Usually the "door" on the optical drive will list what it can do. If your drive does burn Blu-rays, you can use the free Image Burn software The Official ImgBurn Website . The software you use depends on what...
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    programs hang for 10 sec' when opening a folder

    Try temporarily disabling any virus scanning programs to see if the condition improves. If it does, you could then exclude scanning of those specific files/folders, or processes (as long as your sure they are safe).
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    Solved svchost.exe causing random CPU 100%

    Did you "right click" on it and go to Services?
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    Homegroup file sharing not working on smart tv(s)

    Jus to add - did you go into the TVs menu/setup and check the network settings? See Playing Content on a PC
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    Solved svchost.exe causing random CPU 100%

    SVCHOST (service Host) is a program that runs other windows programs on your computer. There can be several instances of svchost running at the same time. If you are having a problem you need to figure out what is svchost is running (it could be Windows Defender such). You can view what svchost...
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    Unidentified Network with LAN please help

    I don't see IPv4 settings in your post (which is the usual way to access the internet). Go to Control Panel (or click on Network Icon in taskbar)>Network & Sharing and click on "Change Adapter Settings", that will bring up your Network interface adapter . Then double click it and open its...
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    Have you tried the "Win key" plus "+" key to zoom out (and Win key plus "-" key to zoom in). It zooms to 200% (and allows for adjustment).
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    Windows 8.1 Optional Updates - how to uninstall them since

    I would uninstall all first, then do one restart at the end
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    Boot cycle BSOD 0xc0000021a. No fixes are working.

    This article suggests cause was a bad NVidia driver update cause this person's blue-screen. Windows 8 pro BSOD 0xc000021a error - Microsoft Community Did you do any updates? But you say you can't get into to Safe Mode - so you can't remove them, if you did. You ran Sfc and Chkdsk. There's not...
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    PC Won't Power On - PSU Passed Paperclip Test

    Here is a good article on troubleshooting "no start" problems PERFORM THESE STEPS before posting about POST/boot/no video problems! - Product - Systems