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  1. Zidane24

    6.2? What Kernel # do you think Win8 will have

    I predicted a bit back that the Windows 7 Service Pack numbers would follow Vista's precedent and be 6.1.7600(RTM)->6.1.7601(SP1)->6.1.7602(SP2) Blast Microsoft and their ever need to change VS numbers...looks like SP1 of 7 will be 7700...I guess it is reasonable to assume that SP2 will be 7800...
  2. Zidane24

    What Are You Listening To?

    "Chipmunk" Fast?
  3. Zidane24

    Tell me!

    damn wonder you don't post family pics:p
  4. Zidane24

    What Are you Thoughts On Apple's OS?

    I agree but I would like to appauld them on their upcoming Snow leopard...if you have never studied the history of OSX and Apple then you will find a funny but stupid fact about them. OSX, before Intel became their processor provider, was 64-bit only. That is innovation there, except for the...
  5. Zidane24

    Windows 8 x64 only?

    Your thinking of the market RIGHT NOW...This is the best decision that they could make...part of being a business and remaining a competivite one is innovation...Apple already has embraced x64-bit (again...) and their market share didn't nose dive when first round intel macs running x86 weren't...
  6. Zidane24

    Windows 8 x64 only?

    Not true...I can run 7 x64 limited to 512MB on VM and VB
  7. Zidane24

    What Are You Watching?

    Can I get this thread stickied MODS?
  8. Zidane24

    What Are You Watching?

    From Russia with Love - 007
  9. Zidane24

    Windows Avatars?

    It would be simple enough to port the XBOX system to Windows...they might consider if you feel like it send them an email and see what they think.
  10. Zidane24

    Inside Bill Gates' real Facebook account

    That is funny...also Win7 for the WIN!!!! How do I know this? Take a look at the first that not a maximized windows with transparency?
  11. Zidane24

    What user number were you when you signed up

    Indeed they have...I believe Steve Jobs has "left the building"...Permantely...
  12. Zidane24

    Custom Windows 8 Wallpapers

    I believe every male here does...I third that!
  13. Zidane24

    Custom Made Signatures and Avatars

    I don't think they are starting it yet...I will contact you when they do (I believe you have a winner here!)
  14. Zidane24

    Custom Made Signatures and Avatars

    Proper MS Logo Competition
  15. Zidane24

    Custom Made Signatures and Avatars

    Let me tell you...I would have never noticed that...thanks guys for fixing it! BTW Nice eye diewas and maybe you should submit this flag to the Windows 8 Logo Contest...I really like it and I could see it being apart of their logo (as they bring more of the OS into 3D...I hope)
  16. Zidane24

    Custom Made Signatures and Avatars

    Wait!!!! Now I see... and I will use the new one...I was just curious as to where the old flag could still be seen
  17. Zidane24

    Custom Made Signatures and Avatars

    Hey now wait a moment...I read these quite a bit...and let me tell you my vision isn't that great and I couldn't even notice that the old flag was still under the new one
  18. Zidane24

    Custom Made Signatures and Avatars

    Alright then thanks!
  19. Zidane24

    Custom Made Signatures and Avatars

    Lol I meant to ask you first (guess I forgot to hit reply on that post...)...may I use that too?
  20. Zidane24

    Feedback and fixes

    That is what I meant by the sig-tag...sorry I couldn't resolve it but Ballistyx did so I am glad