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    Get back windows shadows? Any way?

    I simply hate the flat look in win8 desktop. Is there any good working way to get window shadows back?
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    Do you want Aero?

    aero was ugly but only ugly - win8 is not only ugly it's very straining to work with the GUI for me. no contrasts colours, all flat, it's hard to get what is content and what is menus etc., all white (eye burn at my big 27" screen). I absolutely hate it and I use it since RTM is released. I...
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    Windows 8 Desktop UI - Change Title Text Color?

    Nothing against you guys because it's not your fault!! But I can't believe how ugly the GUI looks in all screenshots here.. oh my
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    no window shadows - pro or con?

    As said, I like the idea from the clean and very simple design, but it's just finished with bad or without taste (imho). It doesn't look good or elegant in any way at the moment. I means it's funny that they had fundamental design changes in the last couple of month... Fseal good to hear...
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    Win8: Explorer Ribbon "selected file extension"

    damn microsoft. I don't find the metro start-menü replacement bad I I like the minimalistic approach, but the whole thing looks just cheap. what to do... change to the hated mac os world? Linux is no alternative due the lack of important commercial software (Im a web developer)
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    Win8: Explorer Ribbon "selected file extension"

    does no no one else find this annoying?
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    Win8: Explorer Ribbon "selected file extension"

    Hello, I have one major annoyance I cannot cope with in the win8 explorer. When you select a file in the explorer you get a "file sensitive" extension in the ribbon menu (the green application tools in the picture). Is there a way to disable this file sensitive" extension? it so annoying...