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    External Drive saying Format

    You make a good point. I think your best option is to download a program like Macrium Reflect (Macrium Software | Your image is everything) and see if you can back it up to a disc image. If that succeeds, format the drive and restore the image to it.
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    External Drive saying Format

    Interesting. If an SSD works it's a drive issue or a power issue, so that narrows it down. Does your laptop have any USB 3.0 ports? (Blue ones).
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    hard drive cannot be format

    Try using a GPARTED live USB/CD. The disc image for GPARTED and instructions on how to burn it can be found here: GParted Live on USB
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    External Drive saying Format

    Is your caddy a USB 3.0 or 2.0 caddy? A lot of USB 2.0 caddies lack the power to run the drive, and so have a 3 way USB cable. Does yours have said cable? If so, plug one end into a USB wall adaptor and the other into the PC, whilst obviously plugging one into the caddy. Also, does your caddy...
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    Changing Windows 8 Taskbar shape and theming Start screen

    Hey guys, So I've been working on a Halo theme for windows 8.1, and I was wondering if I could change the shape of the Taskbar or remove it entirely leaving the start button behind, and if I can possibly theme the Start screen. Cheers, Riona