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    not sure which windows 8.1 touch laptop/hybrid to buy?

    To be honest I owned a hp envy which I found to be a complete nightmare I went with a Asus tp300ld and truly impressed no regret's
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    Solved Win 8 AMD Switchable Graphics FAQ

    Hello, I am revisiting this thread. I still have my HP Envy 14 1211nr intel hd (1st gen) and amd 5650. I am still having a issue. However, previously I got this to work in earlier in the thread by rolling back to the previous bios update and then loading the drivers. But I actually found a...
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    Which Windows tablet do you own?

    Just picked up a Asus TP300LD-R something. Intel HD 4400 display, Nvidia 820m. I tore out the the mech hdd and put in a Samsung evo 840 120 gb and I downloaded win8 pro to a usb using the media creator from m$ and then installed my license of 8.1 pro onto it. I am truly in love with it, this is...
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    Solved Win 8 AMD Switchable Graphics FAQ

    Iam not sure if this will help anyone with a HP 1st generation laptop switchable.... For example I have a HP Envy 14 1211nr, which is the i5 1st generation with amd 5650 1gb gpu in it, switchable. We see a lot of references that we need to adjust settings in the bios to use discrete i...
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    System Image Backup & SecureBoot isn't configured correct

    Sounds like a stupid question but it aint really.... When you installed Win 8 did you install using a UEFI driver... Did it say it was in UEFI mode. Like on my system which is completely different when i do a custom boot from cd it shows me the dvd drive is a EFI bootable... The other thing...
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    Windows 8.1 won't optimize the C drive

    Need some more info.... Such as what kind of drive? Meaning SSD or Mech? Raid / AHCI / IDE or what? Chat chipset on the motherboard or perhaps motherboard model? TBH seems like a driver issue. So what happens, i mean does it give errors or something?
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    Simple Trickery to download the 8.1 ISO!

    Yep tested this out when I got home worked great! I am sure M$ will put a sieze on it. Just use a msdn temp key when installing if yer windows 8 key dont work then change the product key with your legit one. iam very happy with this... And i do notice some differences with it compared to the...
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    Simple Trickery to download the 8.1 ISO!

    Hi, Not sure if this was posted or not. But here we go Download the Windows 8.1 ISO using a Windows 8 key and some simple trickery [Admin Edit] - Method originally found here -
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    HP Switchable Graphics under Windows 8.1 Pro RTM !!!

    yea its a hp thing. never again
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    HP Switchable Graphics under Windows 8.1 Pro RTM !!!

    Just use 8.1 should have no errors. it doesn't use the ccc in wddm 1.3 but I did benchmark and its optimized with the ms wddm drivers. I mean wont be switchable meaning goto intel and back but it will work. if u can deal with the amd chip being on all the time.
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    Solved Win 8 AMD Switchable Graphics FAQ

    My question is are you guys doing clean installs or just doing the update from the store. i done a clean install with 8.1 pro. rtm few weeks ago... i own a hp envy 14 1211nr which has the 1st generation intel video and a amd 5650. before in the preview i had troubles as well as the same with...
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    Fixes Hard Drives in win8 too. Check this out

    Hi, Thought Id share my experience here. Great piece of software here. MBRWizard Suite Products which is mbrwizard Recently on my win 8.1 config which consist of 2 120gb ssd (samsung 840 evos) non raid and 2 toshiba 1tb drives non raid (but ran raid zero on previous config before the ssd...
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    Some great security software

    Hey, Check this out it is win 8.1 compatible. And really helps prevent a lot of intrusions and annonyances. quite an old app but it will tell just who is spying on you too or trying to. lol PeerBlock ? Peerblock Site Peerblock 1.1
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    Solved AMD Display Driver Has Stopped Working

    I think i was refering to you. Oh i hear ya i am a pure M$ guy too.... I really hate FF, Opera and Chrome. TBH. No I mean at the time was to troubleshoot through that not to use. But the issue you know is ie10 or whatever. So all good.
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    Questions regarding 8.1

    This is a false statement "Windows 8.1 uses a Microsoft Account as general account. So it's no longer possible to have only a local account. You can however create a local account after you've logged on with a Microsoft Account. Then you can decide only to use that local account. " What i mean...
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    Windows 8.1 Graphic Problems

    How to remove the Windows.old folderApplies to Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1 If you upgraded to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8.1 Preview or to Windows RT 8.1 from Windows RT 8.1 Preview, some files used by your previous version of Windows will be left in the Windows.old folder. These files will be...
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    Solved Windows 8.1 search not working this is really really sad

    Reinstall is a bad word nowadays... I mean if you have to redo stuff.... There is other alternatives. Such as reset or refresh which is a lot easier. Which is somewhat similar to a system restore :\ Refresh your PC without affecting your filesIf your PC isn't performing as well as it once did...
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    Now ready for you: Windows 8.1 and the Windows Store

    User pokki a lot better. Pokki - Download Free Desktop Apps and Games in regards to the earlier poster you wont see much of a difference with ssd boot up times going from 8 to 8.1 you will from 7 tho. it all depends tho i mean if you want optimal preformance if your bios supports it, setup the...
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    Solved AMD Display Driver Has Stopped Working

    possible known bug in ie 11? have you tried like ff, chrome, etc to see if its this perhaps
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    Start Button Alt

    Hi, Thought I would share this, been using it a while once i learned Lenovo will be using this in there win8 pc's. check it out