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    Taskbar vs. Touch Keyboard

    Yes,. You can use the OSK.EXE in the Windows\system32 folder.
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    Solved Touchscreen keyboard keeps disappearing

    Here is a thread that has people with the same sort of problems and possible solutions offered. Scroll through the thread till you find one that works for you.!topic/chrome/0DR-pLIVI5g
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    How to prevent windows 10 installing on windows 8.1

    It may download the update automatically but you have to tell it to install Windows 10. It will not update (install) Windows 10 without your explicit consent.
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    Windows 8.1 RT Update 3 will be available in September

    Windows 8.1 should continue to see security patches through EOL but it's doubtful it will receive any more significant changes. It might get the Edge Browser? I'm in the Love Windows 8.1 camp. I see no problem with Windows 8.1 and think it's awesome, especially on my Windows tablets. I...
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    Upgrading Windows 8.1 >> Windows 10 space

    So, I uninstalled nearly everything off the tablet (this is an Irulu 10.1" tablet) including the Office 365 that came with it. I also disabled the hybrid mode. I was able to squeeze a wee bit above 12GB of free space. It looks like it is updating to Windows 10. It successfully download the...
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    Upgrading Windows 8.1 >> Windows 10 space

    Thanx So, I have instruction on creating a Windows 10 media install, I am assuming on a memory key. That should allow me to upgrade to Windows 10 on that device...right?
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    Upgrading Windows 8.1 >> Windows 10 space

    My computer is running 8.1 It has a 32GB SSD with a wee bit over 4GB free. Will that cause problems upgrading to Windows 10?
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    Solved citrix online launcher

    Citrix Online Launcher is used for many applications, mainly GoToWebinar and GoToMyPc which are both remote access applications. I am sure there are other applications that use this Citrix launcher. One way to find out is go to your control panel, programs and features, wait for the list of...
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    How do I stop iTunes from launching when Windows starts?

    Never install it. I consider iTunes "bloatware' and is the main reason why I steer clear of any Apple products.
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    who and why is anyone going for the free Win10 upgrade ?

    I would get it for my desktop computer but I am leery about putting on my Windows 8 tablet. Windows 8.1 works so well on my tablet I don't want to mess anything up. It's hard to imagine anything working better than 8.1 on a tablet, And I think I would miss the charms bar.
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    Using a Touchscreen Monitor with a Touchscreen Laptop

    There is absolutely no reason why the second monitor would not work as a touch screen (either mirror mode or extended mode). Just be sure to follow the instructions that came with the monitor to hook it up. Sometimes there are extra cables like a USB cable to get the touch screen to work. I...
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    Windows 8.1 RT Update 3 will be available in September

    Windows RT (and Windows RT 8.1) is available on several devices that run ARM processors. Standard Windows will not run on an ARM processor so this special version of Windows 8 was created to do just that and dubbed "Windows RT". You cannot run x86 apps on Windows RT. Just apps that are...
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    Windows 10 invites.....

    I have 2 PC's with Windows 8.1 (retail) and I have already received my invites for Windows 10. I also have a laptop with Windows 7 and I received my invite for Windows 10 on it. I have an OEM Windows 8.1 tablet (it was shipped from the factory with Windows 8.1) and the vendor even listed that...
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    Solved Help!

    One of the reasons this can happen is if the time and date are not properly set. I don't know about your region but here in the US all Windows 8 computers and tablets come with Pacific time as the default. We have to go in and manually change this if we are in a different time zone. Check to...
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    Painless transfer to a new PC

    Yup, I was aware but still thought Microsoft would make me jump through hoops :)
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    Your next laptop might have a touch-sensitive spacebar

    I would disable it. Immediately.
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    disable "your windows license will expires soon" alert

    I believe you can still download a 90-day eval version. But, you would have to do a complete re-install. But, it will give you another 90 days. Try Windows 8.1 Enterprise | TechNet Evaluation Center
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    GVoice (Google Voice) app quit working

    Well, it's been 3 days since I sent Google the question on why the GVoice app quit working. Nothing. Typical.
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    GVoice (Google Voice) app quit working

    Yeah, I have 2 other Windows 8 computers and they both have the same problem. I suspect Google pulled support for the app. Does that mean they will refund my $1.99 I spent for it?
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    Painless transfer to a new PC

    I have to admit, I had images of speaking with a Microsoft rep from India on the phone, crying and pleading and begging. But, that just wasn't the case. I have (had) a 5 year old PC that I upgraded to Windows 8 (and eventually 8.1) about 18 months ago. 6 months ago the motherboard quit on me...