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    How to prevent uninstallation of Mozilla and Chrome extensions?

    I forgot if I mentioned uBlock Origin in this forum. Anyway, uBlock Origin has lots of settings - maybe go that for now. I just now remembered this is an old thread; however, I'll leave this post for future readers asking the same question.
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    Installed 8.1 on 2015 Win 10 laptop

    Slavic, that is one reason, of many, for me keeping W7 on my two laptops.
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    I factory reset my pc and it wont display.

    What happened when you booted either a DVD or USB boot, from any external source?
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    Win8.1: Safe Mode frequently breaks with empty black screen's windows repair all in one -- click only the fix safe mode choice for now. Although best to run in safe mode with networking, I have used normal windows for a quick one-click fix.
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    How to prevent uninstallation of Mozilla and Chrome extensions?

    You're doing great so far in avoiding some web sites via blocking extensions! Would you mind sharing which ones you use? I need a couple that work in blocking "advertisement sites".
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    Solved How do I get rid of flashplayer?

    Take heed which files you disable, there might be unintended consequences :)
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    Not sure how to proceed

    I understand your happiness, same over here! Especially right after a move and paste operation -- the moved items are not visible neither in the former location nor in the new location -- after a restart, everything was in the new location.
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    Not sure how to proceed

    I often get the same "folder is empty" until finally the directories populate with the real, existent, folders and files. Being more than 20 hours ago, I do not know how to answer your situation.
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    Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 refuses to install

    Samsung is making their contact form very difficult! Were you able to finally get through since January 5th?
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    Solved problem opening pdf files downloaded from yahoo mail

    Very likely, the first set was corrupted while in the system, before you got them. You're 2nd set reading just fine led me to "blame the system" and not your computer :)
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    Why does MalwareBytes turn off Defender on one PC and not the other?

    Folks, how do I register a 3rd party AV AM program using Windows Security Center?
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    Solved Xcopy strange behaviour? ** Solved **

    If need be, run this batchfile over to sevenforums, there are some very good batchile kings in there. "...starts to copy over the rest of the program files directory, starting with Adobe..." I think you're saying that other stuff is being copied into the created directory, correct? "...explain...
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    Missing Data Drives randomly (help)

    I hope you have been making backups before this situation hit.
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    Why does MalwareBytes turn off Defender on one PC and not the other?

    Did one Defender have real protection on and the other defender have real protection off? If yes, which defender was turned off?
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    Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 refuses to install

    You cloned from within Windows? Cool! "Cool? DEFINITELY NOT!" -- I totally failed to read and remember: the clone from within Windows was incomplete. Re-reading this thread convinced me to totally agree with you -- within Windows cloning definitely not cool!
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    Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 refuses to install

    How did cloning miss that folder? I thought cloning was sector by sector, or, did you make a backup image instead? I want to learn more about this.
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    Restore a user account in Windows 8 - Please help!

    There is one remote shot in the dark, IF the old profile has not yet been overwritten, that harddrive in the computer of a local data recovery person, just remotely possibly might find and copy off little to some to most to all [ascending order of improbability] of that deleted profile's...
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    Restore a user account in Windows 8 - Please help!

    System image backups are those large, compressed, files residing, hopefully, external media, created by one of many free or fee backup/restore progrms. Naming just a few: Windows built-in backup/restore, Macrium Reflect, AOMEI Backupper, EaseUS ToDo, Image for Windows, Karen's Duplicator, and...
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    (Solved somehow) Microsoft account took over my Win8.1Pro admin account - how to get back?

    Brink, is it possible to awaken the built-in admin acct? If yes, can that acct help convert the other acct, or, set up a new local acct?
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    Windows 8.1 system backup

    Quick case in point: I just recently had to do an OS restore, my first choice failed at approx 35%, my second choice succeeded. While it is rare that a restore fails, if I did not have dual full images, I would have had to reinstall, reconfigure, etc., from scratch.