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    Last Letter Game [12]

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    Still running Windows 8? Time to upgrade, or else

    . . .That would be a very silly thing to do if you are running a 64 bit system with over 4 gigs of ram, thus to say the least it would not be a real threat. it would be a nightmare. . .:cry:
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    Last Letter Game [12]

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    First Letter of the Day Game

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    Sticking to 8.1

    Set up either VMWare or Virtual Box and test windows 10 in it to see it it is something you might really want to play around with. Or join the insider program to see if 10 is for you. With the insider program you get a chance to help Micorosoft make decission as to what direction the new OS is...
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    Are We Dying????

    Have already made the move. . .moved when the 10 forums were originally the 9 forums. As to the old Windows OS's I still have 8.1 in a vm, and windows 7 in boot camp on my new imac 27" 5k (sweet). Given up my Vista and XP VM's. Just too old and programmatic. Really do like the new 10. ...
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    Last Letter Game [12]

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    Is Microsoft on the right track with Windows 8.1?

    Just love it when a thread goes to pot. . .not the smoking kind. . .:roflmao:
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    Windows 8.1 will be getting nearly 30 patches later today

    Thanks for the info. . .:)
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    Is Microsoft on the right track with Windows 8.1?

    Boy, talk about bringing back an oldie, but goodie. . .never have like the idea of putting my info on or in the cloud, thus to this day I still don't, albeit I also will not bore folks with my reasons. . .:)
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    Lumia Denim Update for Windows Phone 8.1

    Have the Samsung AVTIse from Verizon and it came with Cortana, but haven't set it up as of yet hopefully before Christmas. Will have to check on Demin.
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    Given my computer away because I am so very disappointed.

    No. I am a old man. The woman is a Broadway actress by the name of Kristin Chenoweth. She is all of 4' 10" tall with a voice that will blow you away. At 46 she is considered the sexiest woman in music (go figure). Last year alone she made over 86,000,000$ making her the highest paid...
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    Given my computer away because I am so very disappointed.

    What a bunch of . . . I am Seventy years old and have had three strokes. Now I can't walk worth a darn, can't drive my any more (state took my License away, but I still can use a computer without any problem though my typing is sometime a major problem. So instead of complaining why not set...
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    Join us January 21st to hear about next Windows 10 chapter

    Oh Wow aren't you something special. . .
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    What Are You Listening To? [2]

    Nancy Sinatra "Sugartown"
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    Word Association [10]

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    Keep One Change One [12]

    Weight Lifter
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    Last Letter Game [12]

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    Microsoft stopped sales of some Windows 7 and Windows 8

    Just makes sense. Why manufacture more disc; yes I know there will be those who think that MS should put out more copies of the older OS's, but why?