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    Windows 8 - Yoot - Free Youtube app

    I personally use Hyper for YouTube - but that app has since been discontinued ... I am unsure why cant the MS store have a Google supported YouTube app - or am I missing something?
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    What kind of update program is this?

    You screenshot refers to GitHub being updated - is that what you are asking about? If so, GitHub info is available here. To make a go/no-go decision, you need to evaluate whether you are doing anything open-source related or are part of any MOOC which requires you to work with GiitHub etc...
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    How to copy just what I want from a folder when backing up

    I have learn a lot from this community and finally I see a thread where I can contribute!! I have been using SyncBack (Freeware) for the longest possible time. As I see from responses above FreeFileSync has similar functionalities so I will be investigating that s/w as well but till then this...