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  1. MadHorseman

    Installing Windows 8 on a new hard drive

    Works only if the Bit Level of the two are the same, i.e. Laptop 32-bit will download a 32-bit win8. If you want 64-bit on your desktop borrow a pal's system! Regards Robin
  2. MadHorseman

    need some Q&A in w8 set up please

    Get shot of, not get a shot of...??? Seem to think there's a tutorial on that somewhere here...
  3. MadHorseman

    Tried reset and reinstall, setup restart never end

    IS this the "remove media" missing message?? i.e. Setup starts, then restarts your PC but doesn't recognise it's the second go and goes back to the nauseam. On first restart remove media!
  4. MadHorseman

    Win 7 and 8 with same user files?

    Particularly if you include Folders into Libraries.....!!
  5. MadHorseman

    Solved Win 8 - 32 & 64

    Er, when you say "got my Win 8 CD" exactly how did you do this? Bought another OEM version? A totally separate purchase or as part of the original download purchase?
  6. MadHorseman

    Solved Space requirements on fresh install?

    Windows.old folder?
  7. MadHorseman

    Will Windows 8 run on my Pentium 4 PC

    If the advisor says you don't have NX enabled or can't enable it Win8 won't run - save your money...
  8. MadHorseman

    Will Windows 8 run on my Pentium 4 PC

    Try this before spending any money at all... GRC | SecurAble: Determine Processor Security Features |   No connection and it worked for me on 3 systems.
  9. MadHorseman

    Three steps to heaven?

    Thanks! I'll have to get the thing out from under the desk and rip bits here and there as my bones won't stand lying down that long....!!
  10. MadHorseman

    Win 8 setup doesn't start.. help pls :)

    How did you obtain the Win8 Pro?
  11. MadHorseman

    Win 8 setup doesn't start.. help pls :)

    Hmmm - have you tried the setup in the /ESD/Sources folder?
  12. MadHorseman

    Win 8 setup doesn't start.. help pls :)

    What laptop?? System Specs?
  13. MadHorseman

    Three steps to heaven?

    Aha - I see now - could be fun re-jigging the inside of the PC but I'll wait a little (howling gale here and power goes on & off a lot. Don't trust the UPSs to run long enough to complete operations!). Thanks Robin
  14. MadHorseman

    Three steps to heaven?

    Win 7 is on the SSD Disk 1. I have a second SSD (not installed) to take the Win 8 I've got already up and running. I don't need to "install" anything. Do you mean switch cables around? Change things in the BIOS?
  15. MadHorseman

    Windows 8 runs slower than windows 7 its very very slow,

    I Seem to remember that early Previews ran very slowly when the Video driver was wrong - might be worth looking there?
  16. MadHorseman

    Three steps to heaven?

  17. MadHorseman

    Three steps to heaven?

    Hi All, Normally I would just blast ahead with this and "damn the torpedoes" but with a head thick with cold I'm happy to ask for advice. I've got Win7 64 bit running fine on an SSD (see screenshots below), and Win 8 Pro 64 Bit in a partition on HDD also running fine. Vista 64 Bit is on the...
  18. MadHorseman

    SSD offset bad

    Funny Rplantz -my SSD shows the same number Samsung SSD 820 128Gb - shifted the WEI from 5.9 to 7.2 - not sure I'll bother!
  19. MadHorseman

    w8,w7,wxp, multiboot -how to move partitions/boot sector

    Although your partitions are labelled - I'm with Theog - label them with what's in them, please!
  20. MadHorseman

    CD ROM wants to format the installation disk

    IS the OP trying to read a DVD in a CD-ROM drive???