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    Last Letter Game [12]

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    Keep One Change One [6]

    Total circumference
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    Last Letter Game [6]

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    Today Is Geek Pride Day! Four Reasons to Feel Cheerful About Tech

    I put my hat on for it :geek:
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    A Windows veteran looks at Win8 Consumer Preview

    It going to be tough selling Windows 8 to business customers and converting large numbers of business computers :(
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    Well, the Grandfather clock in striking 11 so I'm heading to bed. Hope to be with all of you in the next few days .
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    Last Letter Game [5]

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    Today I busted through the Leap Year Time Warp Continium, so I could download the Windows 8 Consumer Preview :thumbsup:
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    Monkees frontman Davy Jones dead at 66

    Yes, they were a novel FUN, talented group. I'll miss Davey Jones :(
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    Keep One Change One [5]

    Security Cabinet
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    Solved sevenforum

    I was stuck in the year 1832 in the Old WEST. Where they only had swinging bar doors on the Saloons. Talking about windows confused them.
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    Solved sevenforum

    Sorry about the 1.21 Giggawatts I generated flying over the sevenforums server :(
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    Windows 8 Consumer preview Released

    There are Multiple Language packs listed on TechNet Download section.
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    Solved sevenforum

    Some how I knew returning on Leap Year would have a dastardly time warp effect of a lot of different things :doh:
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    Keep One Change One

    Computer Book
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    Keep One Change One

    Radio Controlled
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    Last Letter Game

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    Keep One Change One

    Aroma Therapy
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    Keep One Change One

    Erotic Massage :angel:
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    Word association