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    How do I unlock windows

    Have error saying Missing operating system. While trying to refresh files win says the drive where windows is installed is locked. Unlock the drive and try again. How do I unlock the drive? Acer laptop no help in bios.
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    Solved Windows install jump drive setup can't see my ssd.

    add error code oxc0000098 Win calls for use of recovery tools. I am not sure if the file I downloaded from this forum contained the rescue tools. Right now I can boot off the jumpdrive but only get pass the key screen one or two pages. know this long but I can't get back into first...
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    Solved internet conection...the yellow triangle

    Have a limited connection and the icon in the tray has a little yellow triangle.How do I resolve this?
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    Solved After clean install..can't remember micrsoft password

    Where can i reset the password?
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    Solved 8.0 to 8.1 pro...bad key

    While trying to do a clean install from 8.1 pro from dvd drive. I found out my orginal 8.0 dvd product key would not work. I have the iso files on my ssd somewhere.Just can't get into win 8.1 because windows will not get past the blue windows icon.
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    Boot time has doubled on 120 gb ssd

    When I first installed my ssd into my acer, laptop booted in 30 sec now 1 to 2 min. I have 19 gb free of 100gb. Uninstalled avast free antivirus and run ccleaner and malewarebyte and glary utilities regularly. I have only Icloud, , Advanced System Care 8.o pro in startup and print icon, also...
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    Widows xp sharing wireless connection with Win 7?

    I have a netgear router with a wired internet connection on a Win XP desktop. I wanted to use a win 7 desktop to connnect wireless using a usb wireless adapter to the win 7 pc. Troubling shooting tells me to check cable. Why doesn't win 7 find the wireless adapter? Where in win 7 do you get...
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    Solved Jump Drive with Win 8.1 pro will not install on new ssd

    I could not install from CD, however, I got one screen past where I entered the product key. Formated with Active Boot Disk and tried again. I am wondering if the jump drive doesn't have a required file or files. I didn't see any large files or cabs. Then I got this error message:
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    Solved Runnig out of disk space...7% of free space left.

    How do I merge the 18 gb system drive, that has no drive letter, with my c: Drive. See screen shot:
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    Solved Can't uninstall AD-Aware

    When I go to programs and try to uninstall...I get a pop-up window that says a reboot is required. When I log back in there is a progress bar saying it is configuring Ad Ware installer. Then lets me in explorer and does nothing. There doesn't seem to be an uninstall app. Lavasoft doen't list...
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    Solved Malewarebytes and other av apps want run

    Action center tells me windows defender isn't runnning. I go to services and try to start defender and it won't take. Also trying to run trend micro housecall and it has been running for 27 minutes and is still showing... listing auto is stuck at 3%. Can't get Ad-Aware Anti virus...
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    Solved Disk management how do i merge two partitions

    Look at this screenshot and tell me how to get one partition instead F and H. Easeus needs bigger drive. to backup to. I think the one large one is unallocated. shown as disk 8. The way windows sees my external usb drive. TIA
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    Solved Windows 8.1 want show contents of computer

    Windows 8.1 want show contents of computer. See screenshot: I must have an infection. Malwarebytes will not run. Pressing windows key brought up pcsettings and it only shows a blue screen with a big gear in the middle. I can't exit out. Do I need to run malwarebytes in safe mode? I have a...
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    Problem with install of Itunes

    My daughter's win 8.1 pro laptop had the wrong language version of Itunes or so it said to reinstall. When I tried to run the install file I get the error as shown below: I don't know if this is a windows issue or not.
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    Solved Need to learn about win recovery

    Will using refresh files remove some of the apps I have installed?
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    Using refresh files in 8.1

    How do you refresh files in 8.1 , If you got the upgrade over the net?
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    Solved Can't remember password on laptop with win 8.1

    This pc was misplaced 4 or 5 months ago and now I can't log on. TIA
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    Solved No wifi in win 8.1

    Reinstalled lan driver and it is not showing in device manager. This is an acer aspire v3-371. Light doesn't come on when I toggle fn-f3 combo. I think there is a service that is not running or it has been deleted. The driver files seem to have installled but it doesn't show under network...
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    Solved PC settings wont load

    From desktop view I swipe to the lower corner and select change pc settings and I can't access. Just shows blue screen with gear. I am trying to create new user accounts.
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    Solved Formatted Partition

    I quick formated one of my drive partitions by accident. Thought I was formating an external one. I am about to panic here...all my photos and mp3's were on this drive. Would a system restore get the drive back like it was? I have Aidfile recovery software but I can't get it to restore, I...