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    Dell Venue 8 Pro - does anybody have one

    Is this wide spread? I have installed all updates including the above without a problem. So far this little machine was been running perfectly. I picked up a leather case with BT keyboard, paired up in seconds, much more usable with a keyboard. Only problem I have is the small fonts require...
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    Computer crashing after playing a few games and then start

    Look at the dump files and see if you can find the problem. They should list what process caused the crash. Check the tutorials here and at 7help.
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    New computer no optical drive can I put app on SD USB

    I'm feeling kind of foolish as I just ordered a external dvd the other day, I never really thought about moving all optical disk material to usb. Sure is the smart way to go. I tend to get locked into one way of doing things. One of the nice things about forums is learning what others do and...
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    New computer no optical drive can I put app on SD USB

    Thanks. Now that I think about it, it's really the smart way to go. My dvd burner well get a workout coping all my software to a usb stick.
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    New computer no optical drive can I put app on SD USB

    That would be much more convenient. I will be moving to more usb as i picked up a pair or 64gb adata sticks at the newegg sale, $20 after rebate. I guess I need to get with it, I still have a floppy drive in one box...and use it some times. How are you transferring cd/dvd software to usb...
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    Dell Venue 8 Pro - does anybody have one

    I concur on only 38gb free with the 64gb version. Good idea on getting rid of the recovery image after backup. I'll work on that today. Mine shows 2 recovery partitions, 1 400mb and 1 at 4.76gb. I assume I should not touch the oem or efi partitions. I have 5 partitions in all. I just...
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    External Hard Drive keeps disconnecting

    I agree with alpha, could be a power problem. I know some 2.5 inch hdd's can power up with a single usb cable but the 3.5" need more power to run. USB can only supply up to 500mA.
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    New computer no optical drive can I put app on SD USB

    You may want to consider a external optical drive. Samsung has nice units under $40 usd, not only can you install software from disk but you can make a backup img of your system.
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    How can I enable stealth mode on my netgear router?

    Great info, grc makes web security interesting and easy to understand. Thanks for that link.
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    Solved Are 'Registry Cleaners' unsafe?

    I agree that manualy editing the registry can be much more productive than any so called cleaner, there are times when a cleaner is much faster at removing the finger prints of some uninstalled program. A system that's been online for a long time can have over 40k entries in the registry and it...
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    What's your Internet Speed?

    Smoken! One of the faster speeds I've seen for cable. I thought my 72mbs was fast...not.
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    Solved Are 'Registry Cleaners' unsafe?

    IMHO it's the reg cleaner user that's performing unsafe actions. Programs like CCleaner have their place in your tool box, but you have to know how to use them.
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    The Real Quality Boot Time of 8 Verses 7

    That's how I see it. I'm on my first week of using 8/8.1 with touch. I like it a lot more than I thought I would. I installed Classic Shell so I can have the 7 look anytime I want. What stands out to me is the increased speed of 8. My 7 machine is a hot rod 8350 and I would think it should...
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    Dell Venue 8 Pro - does anybody have one

    Why place so much importance on gps in a tablet? Maybe I'm missing something. I have gps in my cars along with onstar, gps in my pocket with my SG3, do I need it in my tablet...nah. I know where I am and where I'm going. I spent 8-10 hours with the Venue this weekend, runs as expected...
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    Solved sound bars

    Google for "HDTV forum" and you'll find several very good forums that discuss not only hdtv but stereo and all things related. Sound bars are used to replace the front satellite speakers, you give up some sound quality but they can be better if you are limited in space. If you want really good...
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    850W PSU enough for SLI EVGA SC GTX 770s?

    I would recommend at least a 1000 watt or more psu. It's not that much more money and you have more head room. Lots of new 1000W and above psu's available now and we should see some good cyber Monday prices.
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    Restart Time

    Good God, I'll never complain about my slow times again. A clean W7 on my AMD is about 15 seconds, on my i5 it's about the same. Of course it gets longer as you use the system. My new Lenovo lap top with a 8.1 upgrade is about 8 seconds, all I have installed is classic shell.
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    Would like some info about using a, “stylus”

    Hi dj, you might want to check youtube for "active stylus". You can get a passive stylus with extra tips off evilbay real cheap. The active stylus starts around $30 and goes up. Dell has a new one that looks pretty good, as far as tip wear I can't say as I have no hands on experience with one...
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    Dell Venue 8 Pro - does anybody have one

    After playing with it and seeing it's only accurate to 5k meters I agree no GPS. They go out of way to make it appear it gps. It would be interesting to see what it reports when you are out in the boonies.
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    The Dell Venus 8 Pro seems to be a winner

    I paid $349 shipped for the 64gb V8Pro from Newegg. This W8 touch is all new to me, I do have a little experience with touch from my SG3 and Kindle HD. I play around with Android, I rooted the SG3, but this W8 touch is knocking my socks off. I have a feeling the Kindle is ebay bound.