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    A funny point :P

    Hey good point :P I didn't catch that. Vista in it's original form was bad... It couldn't even install on masses of machines with more than capable hardware. If you have to remove hardware, change monitors, and specially configure a BIOS just for an installer they screwed up big time. Of...
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    Windows 8 x64 only?

    I would not be shocked at all if it was 64bit only. Instead, I would be a little more put off by the idea that they are still wasting money working on hardware that will be very out dated. Already today it is probably nearing 50% of users have 64bit capable machines if not more, and it won't...
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    A funny point :P

    This is taken from "Techbeck" at the Neowin forums (The link Bare Foot Kid posted) It is a legit point, although I'd say it was more Win98SE that was good, and Vista SP1-2 isn't that bad imo.
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    6.2? What Kernel # do you think Win8 will have

    6.1.7600 (R2) <-- From wikipedia, could always be wrong of course