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    Solved WmiPrvSE.exe hogging processor

    I know that this msg is pretty old, but I was wondering how you determined that tzrez.dll was trying to create a file over and over again. Thx. P.S. I too am using Panda, Avast sucks!
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    Solved Windows 8.1 wont wake up from sleep mode!!!

    This could also be because the monitor is just asleep because of the screensaver is on. I have 4 monitors and sometimes when I wake the monitors up, one, or occasionally more, don't. If I try and shut one off or disconnect one so the OS thinks that the desktop layout has changed, it'll fix it...
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    Monitor is not displaying

    You're going to make all of the magic smoke leave your CPU. :D But seriously! That's insane! You CANNOT just replace thermal paste with whatever you have lying around. At best, it may work for a bit before the CPU's auto shut off kicks in, keeping the CPU from being permanently damaged. At...
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    Monitor is not displaying

    What did you do with this mixture? Could you please post a link to this youtube video? A
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    PC won't boot after failed graphics driver update

    If you are having that much problems with it, you might consider sending it back. There should be some warranty, if not due to its age, you might have to replace the video card as it may have gotten fried somehow (maybe a powersurge). If it is a driver problem, you prolly should go on the...
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    Dual Monitor Setup Help, 2nd Monitor Res. and Start Issues

    How long have you had that video card? I remember when I was swapping stuff, I did something that partially fried my video card which could be the case here. Made my video go red IIRC, but frying a card could do other any number of things, from partially working to not working at all. When...
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    PC won't boot after failed graphics driver update

    You might try to boot into Safe Mode, see: This will boot using Microsoft's default VGA driver. From there you should be able to reset your video card's driver and give you a way to fix the actual problem with your video card's...
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    DisplayPort monitors have the wrong enumeration numbers

    I have a problem with my monitors. I have 2 DVI monitors and 2 DisplayPort monitors. For some reason, Control Panel -> Screen Resolution shows it as 2, 3, 1, 4, but when I click on Identify, they show up as 1, 3, 2, 4. The DisplayPort monitors have the wrong enumeration numbers compared to...