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    Synaptics Touchpad Settings

    Did you go to the Acer site and download the latest drivers for the touchpad? I have an Acer that came with Windows 7, upgraded it to 8 and downloaded the touchpad drivers from the Acer site. I now have the touchpad gestures. And it really really makes a huge difference!
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    Can we get a clock on both taskbars?

    Use gadgets on Windows 8: 8GadgetPack - Gadgets for Windows 8
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    Solved Why be so elusive with the RUN box?

    Install Classic Shell and you can work as you always did.
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    The Real Quality Boot Time of 8 Verses 7

    Mmmm don't know - can you give us a hint? ;)
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    Windows 8 very slow boot & can't change screen resolution!

    Maybe there are no Windows 8 compatible drivers for your laptop. Also, it may be a bit lightweight for Windows 8. Did you ever have Windows 7 on it, or are you coming straight from XP?
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    Search. Please, please explain it to me!

    Ctrl-alt-tab is nice, too!