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    List of Games Working with Windows 8 Developer Preview

    The only game i play on my windows 8 is crysis 2. I love it
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    Do you plan to use third-party antivirus and firewall?

    I use Avast internet security and that is sufficient for me. Thank you
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    Solved Facebook messenger won't work

    Download .net framework in your computer and then it should open
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    Welcome my friend to lovely place for windows users.
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    I'm addicted to this blog

    Hello Friend, I would say the last time I got addicted for something was my cigratee and it took 6 months to get rid of it.
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    I've just upgraded (joke thread).

    Yeah don't forget 5 1/2 mb floppy disk.
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    10,000 Members - EightForums

    Now thats something I can have treat of.
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    Most members online?

    I use to own a forum, whenever i use to sign in as a user i use to get something like 1 administrator and 7 guest. use to make me proud.
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    Which age category do you fall in?

    I guess I am junior member right now.
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    What Microsoft should have done

    I agree with you but there are some things like windows 8, xbox that does make some change in business of Microsoft.
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    What do normal people think of new Windows 8 PCs?

    I would like to say its an investment worth recovery.
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    Windows 8 considered safer but few desire to buy a new Win

    Good, your research is perfect. And its true. its safe and so few will try to buy it coz they are happy with there old OS.
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    The future of Windows 8 is still on the desktop, says Fuji

    Ok thats good. It means its compatible for pc users only. I am pc users so its for me.
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    In spite of all the hate, I like Windows 8

    Seriously there have been so many talks about windows 8 failure and don't buy it etc. But I strongly recommend people to go for it.
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    Windows 8: Do you need it?

    You really need this software, trust me. Here is the link. Check this out Reasons: Why you should Buy Microsoft Windows 8 [Infographic] | All Infographics
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    Indian Hacker Claims to Created Windows Phone 8 Malware

    India rocks...there is nothing that does not exist here.
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    Do you want Aero?

    There would be no windows 7 without areo.
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    Is Windows 8 a failure ? Time to say bye, bye MSFT ?

    Windows 8 has loads of features and so is not a failure. Lets check out there pros and cons by ourself:: Windows 8 : In Depth Review of Microsoft's Greatest Gamble
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    The quote of the day [2]

    I studied but never topped but today the toppers of the best universities are my employers.
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    Solved Got my Nokia Lumia 920 Windows 8 phone last night...

    It is nice one to go for it. I am trying to sell my 3g mobile and add some funds myself to get Nokia Lumina