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  1. Clintlgm

    Reset Network

    How do we reset the network in windows 8.1 Having issues accessing network printers in fact any network devices at all. Have tried everything except a network reset hoping that will resolve the issue. No real idea when this started issue has arisen several times in the last few months but I was...
  2. Clintlgm

    Otimum configuration for SSD plus hard drive

    As to which SSD you purchase, that would depend on what your motherboard will support. Do you have M.2 connection is it 2 land or 4 lane? With no M.2 socket. your limited to SATA SSD's as mention before 256 GB is optimum for OS and important programs, AV - Office - all the programs you use every...
  3. Clintlgm

    Where to download Windows 8.1 for ASUS ROG G751 Series G75

    There was never an recovery disk made unless you made your own USB Thumb drive with Backtracker. You can check out the people in ROG forum someone might upload one for you that's a large upload minimum 16 GB I think the people were using 32 GB Thumb Drives with Back Tracker. I already gave you...
  4. Clintlgm

    Where to download Windows 8.1 for ASUS ROG G751 Series G75

    Yes with window 8.1 on a G751 you still have a recover partition. You can use Asus Backtracker I linked you to the FAQ page where you'll learn how to use it. and down load the latest version. Now then all that said, you should be using an aftermarket Imaging/Backup software I and many others...
  5. Clintlgm

    Official Microsoft ISO/Media Creation Tool

    When you were creating the USB you had the option of installing or create media to install on another computer. Insure you created for another machine!! That said I'm not sure is things have changed but if either computer came with 7 and upgraded you may have to use a Generic Key to start the...
  6. Clintlgm

    Official Microsoft ISO/Media Creation Tool

    Sounds like you didn't boot it UEFI and the install can't see a bootable drive? If your installing 64 bit UEFI you need to boot it to UEFI USB/DVD or if your installing x86 BIOS MBR the boot your install media USB or DVD which ever you are using. To do this you need to hit the F8 or Esc or what...
  7. Clintlgm

    Moving Windows Partitions

    So then you will need to install windows 10 to another partition, no reason to move your current version of 8.1, just Install windows 10 as a dual boot Hopefully your 8.1 is already running in UEFI mode. I suggest you search for a thread on How to dual boot windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Your 8.1...
  8. Clintlgm

    Repair Install of Windows 8?

    Well HP Recovery would be for windows 8 really wouldn't be useful since your running window 8.1 or 10 Your hardware is registered with MS Activation Servers as 10 so for clean install you would go straight to 10 If you really want an image to restore, create one with Macrium Reflect Free or...
  9. Clintlgm

    UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows

    Yes were all either just learned or are learning this new UEFI system it is a much better system than BIOS/MBR but a little tricky to install to until you understand the way of it. explains the system technically.
  10. Clintlgm

    UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows

    Your trying to use a 32 but OS in UEFI that's not going to work UEFI requires 64bit OS After making your 64bit install USB with Rufus or Windows tool use diskpart to clean your hard drive then let the Windows install create the needed partitions to run UEFI GPT
  11. Clintlgm

    Hybrid SSD vs Hybrid HDD,which better?

    For the price of a 256 GB SSD I wouldn't worry about an Hybrid drive at all. Hybrids are an older technology actually. The prices of full SSD are now reasonable for an OS drive. And the Hybrids are no help at all for Storage drives. Check these out...
  12. Clintlgm

    Solved Still Getting "Upgrade to Windows 10" Updates

    Yes I just got it again KB3035583, I have pro and have the upgrade turned off in gpedit.
  13. Clintlgm

    Solved Upgraded from 7 to 8.1 now cannot activate 8.1

    You'll have to use the telephone option to activate
  14. Clintlgm

    Make sure on (Driver Signature Enforcement)

    Yes it's trying to save you from yourself!!!
  15. Clintlgm

    Solved Help merging "Disk2" (931 GB) to "OS (C:)" (117 GB)

    Yes you actually do have 2 physical drives they are set up correctly, you did the correct thing by formatting your 2nd hard drive to use as storage.
  16. Clintlgm

    I think something went wrong when I did a factory restore

    Also each hard drive manufacture has a Diagnostic tool on the web sties. For warranty they will expect you to use their tool to establish a defective or dying hard drive. If no warranty there tools are still good for insuring your hard drive is good to go. For a good pay for tool HD Tune Pro is...
  17. Clintlgm

    I think something went wrong when I did a factory restore

    You still need to eliminate that a hard drive is failing or not, Your symptoms make it a possibility. If its a spinner is can start losing sector at anytime.
  18. Clintlgm

    I think something went wrong when I did a factory restore

    Yep sounds like something went wrong, are you sure your not having a hard drive issue? I would try again is same results then your restore image has some corrupted files. I would just Clean install if the 2 attempt fails.
  19. Clintlgm

    Windows Desktop Won't Properly Size. Please Help!

    Monitor/HDTV was not intended to work as computer desktop the setting you need are probably on the HD TV itself.