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    8.1 corrupting boot sequence

    Posting this in chillout as I actually already fixed the problem, I'm just curious to see whether anyone else had this issue. I installed the ISO version of the 8.1 preview in a new partition and 8.1 replaced the 8 Boot manager with it's own one (or at least I got a different splash screen)...
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    Microsoft cuts Surface Pro tablet prices by $100

    It's not supercar performance though, I think is the point. I bought a laptop with more or less precisely the same specs as a 64GB surface pro for £450 about 2 weeks ago, running Windows 8 Pro. The only difference is it had a bigger hard drive rather than a (I'm assuming the surface comes with...
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    Windows 8.1 first look: Finally, Windows the way you want

    I don't know what they have changed, but it must be more than cosmetic. My USB 3.0 will not work properly in 8.1 and falls back to USB 2.0 speeds. I had this issue in 8 as well, but I installed the 3.0 drivers from my mobo manufacturers site, and they worked. 8.1 won't let my USB ports work at...
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    Windows shutting down when no user input for an hour

    Just a hunch here, but can you post a screenshot of your "details" screen in task manager? My guess is you have a program in the background that's making it shut down.
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    Simplifying printing in Windows 8

    It is quite unlikely that they are going to get them all in fairness.... For my part, my Kodak C310 (which wasn't "in-boxed" in 7, works flawlessly in 8 with no drivers. (or rather no 3rd party drivers)
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    I'm going to challenge all you Win8 haters...

    What reviews were you reading? The general buzz around 7 was that it was "Vista done right" etc. There was ALOT of positive feedback about 7. Not saying there wasn't any bad, but the general buzz was good. The best you can say about 8 is that it is receiving "mixed reviews" right now. I know...
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    I'm going to challenge all you Win8 haters...

    Then good luck running Metro.... Yes, not everyone has my setup. You are once again completely missing the point though! Lets take my girlfriends laptop as an example. She's just gone and bought a nice shiny brand new 10.1" laptop with a screen resolution of 1360*760, which (completely by...
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    I'm going to challenge all you Win8 haters...

    The Start Menu is completely irrelevant to the issues I have with Metro. If Microsoft (or Linux or Apple for that matter) have a better idea than the Start Menu then great, I'm quite happy to hear it, the Start Menu is (and has been for many years) a bloated beast that's difficult to use. I...
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    I am a PC, not a tablet

    While I agree with you, Microsofts problem is, that from an "average consumer" point of view, they can't actually get rid of Metro, or give you an option to turn it off. Why? Because on the face of things at least, 8 is just 7 with a stupid start menu, you take that away, and what you are...
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    Windows 8 will value your privacy (kind of)

    Firefox has had this for a while... its just not enabled by default, as do other web browsers, however there is no requirement for websites to actually not track you, its more "Don't track me pretty please" which is going to be so effective....
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    Windows 8 upgrade offer

    They also gave 7 away for free if you bought a PC with Vista on it
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    Petition to Microsoft addressing 8

    How many people are going to pay a grand for a i7 tablet? I do agree that the desktop is slowly dying, and is going to become a gaming platform only (at least until they finally manage to kill PC gaming, which is the way the industry is pushing... but thats a debate for another time). Its...
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    Microsoft Should Cut Windows Media Center from Windows 8 - Ben Wade

    XBMC is fine and dandy, but aside from the fact that of the plugins I use for WMC, only 1 is made for XBMC and is coded terribly compared to the WMC version, the UI is horrible. I'm not talking about the overall look and feel of it, (it does look quite nice) its the fact that its obviously...
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    Metro at first, then, it's Desktop on the PC?

    I think the IE thing is by design. IE10 doesn't run any plugins in Metro mode, quite deliberately, so it doesn't slow it down (as Metro is a tablet UI,) if you want to use them, it falls back to desktop mode.
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    I just figured out what's been bugging me about Windows 8

    Try doing a start menu search for anything thats not an app. An extra click. Try reaching Network and Sharing Centre. Try reaching the goddamn control panel! Yes I know you can make shortcuts. Yes I know there are workarounds. My point is, not everyone will do this. I'm working on the basis...
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    I just figured out what's been bugging me about Windows 8

    I've been saying for weeks now that "Win 8 is ok, but I'm just not excited about it in the same way that I was aboutn 7, and I can't figure out why." I had put it down to the fact that I REALLY like 7, and so I was just grumbling at having to learn a new way of doing things, but today it hit...
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    Windows Live Messenger login so annoying!!!

    Why not simply create a local user account, and disconnect your Windows Live ID? If you don't want to use your Windows Live ID (and therefore presumably don't care about things like sharing between Facebook, MSN etc) then there is no need to use it.
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    How many use W8 CP as their main OS?

    You have to remember this is an unfinished version though. For me, its perfectly stable, occasionally a game will crash but for day to day stuff, its actually more stable than my copy of 7. I still remember the developer preview just randomly deciding that certain features that were working...
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    What Will Happen To the Consumer Preview?

    In short, because it's free and not everyone has the money to throw at a new OS every few years. To answer the question, exactly the same thing that always happens. You will get until x date and then it will lock down and shut down every 30 minutes.
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    Probably later this decade, Desktop WILL be gone.

    On the subject of closing apps... on a standard keyboard mouse combo, a simple Alt-F4 will do that job, MS put it back in for the CP, although a close button would still be nice. Absolutely agree here. even your most basic desktop/laptop can probably handle at least 10(?) Metro apps at a time...