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    Can't delete file

    Wow, here are a whole bunch of thoughts. (As-is, no warranty). 1) Apparently you're getting an error message that the path or filename is too long for Windows to delete the file. I'm guessing the problem is more about communicating to the Windows shell what file you're trying to delete, as...
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    F5 VPN Client in Windows 8

    OK I see there's no reply so far. Here is the best workaround I came up with so far, using free software: 1) Install Oracle VirtualBox 2) Install an up-to-date version of Linux on VirtualBox (I used Debian) 3) Install F5 client for Linux on the VirtualBox 4) Connect to the VPN through the...
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    F5 VPN Client in Windows 8

    The F5 Big-IP Edge VPN client seems to be available only for Windows 10. I think this has been the case for the past ~half year or so. Is there any way to use this client from Windows 8.1 anymore? Or is there any workaround for connecting to a VPN that uses this software?