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    Which Windows tablet do you own?

    I have a Surface Pro 2 and Love it.
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    Windows 8 updates

    I am having trouble doiing the windows 8 and 8.1 updates. Each time it states not able to do updates reverting back.
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    Internet Exployer ie11 on windows 8

    Yes I have tried that too.
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    Internet Exployer ie11 on windows 8

    It makes no difference desktop or metro. I have disabled add ons. Disabled tool bars, it makes no difference what I do. I did not have this trouble until the last batches of updates came through. i have done a system restore to a point before the last update, and that did not make any difference.
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    Internet Exployer ie11 on windows 8

    I have been always a Microsoft person. But I have tried any and all fixes to try and get internet explorer to stop coming up with internet explorer has stopped working will search for a problem. I as of today have disabled it and are using another browser that does not have this bug in it. I...
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    Early Surface Pro 3 users struggle with wireless network

    surface pro wireless problem I had a problem with mine. I uninstalled all my network drivers in device manager and the restarted my surface pro. They reinstalled at start up and I have had no trouble connecting after that.
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    Microsoft Surface Pro.

    Well I bought a new Surface Pro about three weeks ago. Just love it, everything I wanted and more. Dog got in front of me today, ended up falling over him and my new Surface Pro ended in pieces all over the floor. Well, I just went out and bought another one and hopefully it won't get broke like...
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    Surface Pro

    Is their a cd/dvd player writer that will work on a Microsoft Surface Pro with a USB connection?, If their is, will it also let you write to it?
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    Tomorrow has been canceled so you all can sleep in our stay hon he.
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    Which age category do you fall in?

    64 years young
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    Please help-need to remove facebook pictures

    Facebook Photos You need to go into Face Book settings and unclick the link that has your Pictures sync to your computer on sharing. Then you should be able to remove them from your computer.
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    automatically upgraded to Windows 8.1 for free

    I checked the store, their is no update in it. I am in Az. I don't know if that makes a difference or not. I currently have 8.1 preview, but I can not find the update in the windows store.
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    French police move from Windows to Ubuntu Linux

    Windows 8 to Linix Who really cares what the French do.
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    Has anyone tried Win 8.1 Preview

    Windows 8.1 Preview I have it on 3 different PC's--1-Dell, 1 Gateway, and 1 Hp.I have had absolutely no trouble with any of them. I will install the new 8.1 when it is available and if it is the same as the preview I do not anticipate any problems.
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    Which age category do you fall in?

    I'm 63.
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    Bogus Microsoft People

    Some individuals a calling saying they are from Microsoft Tech and you have a virus or such on your computer and you need to buy their firewall program for $300.00. or your computer will no longer work. This is just a scam and they tried it on my grandson in Tenn. I told him not to talk to...
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    A Big Thank You To This Forum

    Welcome aboard were glad you are here with us.
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    Solved Windows 8 Pro

    :dinesh:Just was passing on my experience and hoped it wound help others who were having trouble with windows 8. By the way, I don't use chrome either.
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    Solved Windows 8 Pro

    I don't know if it just me or not, but I have Windows 8 Pro installed on three computers that I use. One copy on hp pavilion dv7 another copy on a Dell Inspiration and one on another new hp pavilion. I have not had any trouble what so ever with any of these computers running Windows 8 Pro...
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    Solved Media Center Windows 8 Pro

    I was using the add feature. How do you get a free key? This is what I am trying to do. get a key so I can install media center. I went to the site you recommended, each time I put in a email address followed by the word they give you to enter, it states trouble processing.