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  1. samgabbay

    Windows 8 Boot Problem

    i guess try to reinstall windows 8 form scratch good luck
  2. samgabbay

    amd mobility radeon 4200 messsed up

    Why cant anyone plz help me ???????????????????????????
  3. samgabbay

    Office 15 is installed but, "Gone"

    Office 15 such ting ?
  4. samgabbay

    amd mobility radeon 4200 messsed up

    Plz help
  5. samgabbay

    amd mobility radeon 4200 messsed up

    roblox for example or mw2
  6. samgabbay

    amd mobility radeon 4200 messsed up

    when i play games some parts of a character is missing its very weired i installed the drivers but it does the same thing
  7. samgabbay

    Windows 8 install question

    the problem is that i dont have egough space for dual boot but i have a backup on windows 7
  8. samgabbay

    Windows 8 install question

    will the serial for the consumer preview work after the release and i cant dual boot :(
  9. samgabbay

    Windows 8 install question

    im a high school student should i install windows 8 on my computer and remove windows 7 and will the copy of windows 8 last after its release?
  10. samgabbay

    Solved Chat Box?

    you guys are right but we can be more social LOLLLL
  11. samgabbay

    List of Games Working with Windows 8 Developer Preview

    GTA SA should work
  12. samgabbay

    Windows 7 transform pack

    here is just my destop and i did not install the metro ui so its for you guys to try personally i dont like the folders but the rest is great
  13. samgabbay

    Windows 7 transform pack

    hi everyone today i would like to share a little windows 8 transformation pack for you guys who do not want to reinstall windows 8 until final release. i love it Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack 2.0 Free - Bring to your desktop the look of Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system - Softpedia
  14. samgabbay

    Windows 8

    i still did not have time to reinstall my windows 8 on my vmware player yet but i will still help you guys because i have experience :):) and becausee you guys are aweeeeeesooooome:D:D:D:D
  15. samgabbay

    Solved Chat Box?

    its true but i think we should add a little chat box you know to get faster help and to talk you know what im saying?
  16. samgabbay

    Installing on HP

    i got back windows 7 by luck
  17. samgabbay

    Solved Chat Box?

    can we get a chat box for irc?
  18. samgabbay

    MW2 and vid graphics help

    for some reason when i play mw2 i get weired graphics and i get the same in other games. ihad windows 8 installed andt thats were my problem began and then i put it back to windows 7 (Official copy) and i keep having the same problem g62 notebook xh078ua and i installed the video drivers with...
  19. samgabbay

    Solved windows 8 no app*work

    im installing windows 8 on VMware :):)