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  1. si8mon

    Flash and IE10 Metro?

    IE 10 for Metro is plugin free, so there it has no Flash Support. It doesn't bother me because Flash has outlived itself and the sooner it's buried the better.
  2. si8mon

    Windows 8 - 7955 Leaked

    I decided to try to install Windows 8 on a VCD following this Tut. I created the VCD and the process went smoothly, with it functioning properly. But I hit a problem when I try to install windows 8 by using the Imagex comandline on WAIK . “imagex /apply g:\sources\install.wim 1 h:\“...
  3. si8mon

    Microsoft switches to Black Screen of Death (BSoD) in Windows 8

    IT's probably only temporary, they might have some bug or glitch that's stopping them implementing the blue BSOD's. If it is permanent, I don't see the point, why even bother.
  4. si8mon

    Native ISO mounting in Windows 8

    This is great, it's about time they've naitivly supported mounting. It's feature that I think should of been implemented in windows 7.
  5. si8mon

    Directx 12

    I don't really see the point of such a big technology being released so soon after Direct X 11 (most games don't even support DirectX 11! :shock: ). I hope it's in a few years ( around about four) because you got to give time to catch up to a slandered, alot of people are still on Direct X...
  6. si8mon


    Ahh that makes a lot of sense. :eek: BTW love the new smiles. :bounce:
  7. si8mon

    What languages can you speak (or aspire to speak)?

    русский язык (Russian :shock:) and English.
  8. si8mon

    An update for the "Windows Classic" users.

    I really like aero but i hate how aero basic looks (to me basic looks worse then XP). I think instead aero basic Microsoft should make something similer to the XP Royale theme .
  9. si8mon

    Windows 8 Release Date Possibly Leaked

    This is wayyyyy sooner then i expected. But i doubt this is the true dates (maybe this is the beta release dates) because after the success of windows 7, Microsoft will try to milk all the money out of that product. I think windows 8 will reach RTM in 2013 or 2014.
  10. si8mon

    Welcome to Eight Forums

    Hi. Can't wait for Windows 8 Beta. But i guess i will be waiting a few years.