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    Microsoft makes it official: We're all in with Android

    You got to be kidding, lol. Seems like you just can't accept the verdict.
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    Windows 8 Being Quickly Adopted by PC Gamers

    Hardly, i would venture to say most of them bought new rigs with 8 on it. I don't see much evidence for saying these people went out and upgraded their os only.
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    4 advantages Windows 8.1 has over Android in mobile

    Lol, yeah no exploits in windows at all.
  4. D makes it even easier to switch from Gmail

    Same here. Can't imagine going to a MS email service.
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    Windows XP remains nearly flat; Windows 8/8.1 up slightly

    Kinda like the only reason w8 has gone anywhere at all is because of OEM sales. Certainly not because people are rushing out to buy the OS.
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    Solved Windows 8.1 RAID issue?

    You don't lose half your disk space by using R0, you don't lose any actually. I have no idea what you mean by that.
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    Microsoft Cuts Windows 8 Price to $49 (€36.5) in China

    Hardly a shock that the only way they can sell w8 is with oem machines. I don't know anyone who would pay anywhere near $200 for this os.
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    Fragging wonderful: The truth about defragging your SSD

    It certainly has been common knowledge that you do not need to defrag an ssd for years. Just because you didn't know that doesn't change the facts. Trim is not anything like defrag, neither is GC. Both trim and GC are run at the controller level and require no input from the user. There is no...
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    Fragging wonderful: The truth about defragging your SSD

    Of course they say they work, they want you to buy it, lol. There is absolutely no reason to defrag an ssd any time. The built in trim feature for w8 is only really needed for first gen ssd's that did not natively support trim. Any modern ssd has trim and now most oems also have bios's that...
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    How to upgrade to windows 8 and a ssd? have win 8 upgrade

    The only optimization any new ssd will need is to run it under achi on an Intel port. Good to go.
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    "System Managed" Paging File Seems Low

    Been on w8, w8.1 preview and now the 8.1 rtm since they came out. My system has 16 gb's ram and pagefile disabled since day 1. No issues I am aware of at all.
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    Microsoft shows off its vision for gesture-controlled PCs

    MS seemed to think RT would pay off also. How did that work out for them? Just because MS see's something in it doesn't mean anyone else will.
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    Goodbye Windows 8, hello Windows 8.1

    I will take the start menu any time over a start page thanks much. Glad you like having w8 on your phone, surface and desktop. Of course the vast majority do not want anything to do with this if sales are any indication. I wouldn't want a windows phone if they were giving them away. Think I...
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    Microsoft Claims That Windows 8 Is Finally Taking Off...

    MS still thinks they can talk the OS into a good position market wise, good luck with that. Outside of buying a new PC with 8 on it I would be willing to bet OS sales of 8 are anemic at best.
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    question regarding specs that increase performance

    Been using ssd's since they came out. I currently have a couple of plextors, 2 sammy 840 pros, 1 sammy evo, a few M4's, couple of Intel 520's, you get the picture. I have never used anything to "maintain" them. They all have trim and GC and that easily suffices with just about any current ssd.
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    To those who say who needs more than 1 Monitor

    Same here. been using two Dell's for many years. 30" and a 24". Not like this is anything new or revolutionary.
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    Adjusting for a new SSD drive

    The only reason really to do anything with the page file or hibernate, system restore, is if you need the GB's. Outside of that you are chasing ghosts and will never see the difference.
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    question regarding specs that increase performance

    You have been getting bad advice bud. You do not need any special program to run an ssd. It is just a sata drive, nothing more. You only think it's fast till you try a good ssd, then you will see fast.
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    Windows 8.1 first look: Finally, Windows the way you want

    Most mobo's after the z68 now have trim in R0. Some require a particular bios and some don't but most if not all newer mobo's do have trim in an R0 array.
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    Windows 8.1 review - Still stupendously stupid

    Thanks for the laugh. :roflmao: