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  1. terrypd

    Laptop buying help

    Am I the only one here that prefers PC (Desktop) over Laptop? I was never big fan of using Laptops till this day.
  2. terrypd

    Copy error when trying to install Intel chipset driver

    Have you checked the compatibility? Have you tried running the installer as Administrator? You need to specify some more information.
  3. terrypd

    Destroyed Hard Disk

    I would suggest to send your hard disk locally to any specialized service for restoring lost data. Not that the tools such as Recuva or EaseUS Data recovery do not work but it is better to let the job to any technicians. Just saying.
  4. terrypd

    Solved Win 8.1 doesn't accept printer, error 0x00000709

    I used to have similar problem on Windows 7 and I ended up running printer resetter for my Epson model. I suggest the WIC Reset Utility aswell and this reset tool works pretty well on some printers. However, not all printer brands and models are supported by it.
  5. terrypd

    Screen Recording Software

    I prefer ApowerSoft Screen Recorder. Not sure if there it was watermark in the free version but this tool is pretty good.
  6. terrypd

    Video Editing

    I recommend FFmpeg or Movavi for doing this. There are like tons of online converters but if you have the time and resources I would suggest to try this on your own using any of these tools.
  7. terrypd

    How to patch windows 7, 8, 10 32-bit to see above 4gb ram (new patch)

    Thank you for sharing @spapakons. I have one question. Have you tried it on your own? I want to give it a try but I am pretty unsure about it.