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  1. woot332

    Windows 8 key and SSD replacement

    When I upgraded from from "old" magnectic hhd to ssd I just backed up activation and restored on the new ssd drive. But that was with retail key, dunno if that will work with OEM:DM key.
  2. woot332

    Dell OEM 8/8.1 Auto activate on machine without bios key?

    Pkeyui is old latest version is 1.4.9z also MSDM key option is disabled if there is no MSDM table in firmware.
  3. woot332

    Laptop with Windows 8, want to upgrade to 8.1 pro with vlk

    Yes you can circumvent its very easy, but it would violate eula.
  4. woot332

    Solved Windows to go activation

    Windows To Go requeriers volume activation use your company\universitie kms or ad server to activate.
  5. woot332

    Finding Original Win 8 Pro Key after Media Center Upgrade

    If you upgrade like this core-->pro-->prowmc then your pro key is gone. However if you innstalled pro then upgraded to prowmc use Windows 9 Product Key Viewer click IE KEY option. Windows Product Key Viewer - Download - CHIP
  6. woot332

    Solved Major activation issues...

    Desktop watermark code is located in shell32.dll thats probably why it breaks activation run "sfc /scannow" and restore your system integrity and remember always use genuine software and product key(s) from Microsoft that is properly licensed.
  7. woot332

    Where to get legal copy's of Windows 8 iso's

    You could download enterprise eval iso and convert to some other edition. Converted iso will match official sha1 hash, i'm not sure posting a link is ok so google is your friend.
  8. woot332

    Can´t find RPEnabled

    You could try classic shell that will skip Metro UI and go to desktop. Welcome to Classic Shell
  9. woot332

    Solved Windows 8 De-activated ? HOW TO FIX ?

    If your windows 8 was reinstalled you could try to extract the product key form windows.old folder. Or if it was not reinstalled try to view the internet explorer product key. I think belarc advisor can view it.
  10. woot332

    Will 90 percent of users always hate Windows 8?

    Well if want official links for windows 8 from m$ or any other m$ authorized patner. Contact your oem manufacturer or buy it. Windows Download and Shop - Microsoft Windows
  11. woot332

    Will 90 percent of users always hate Windows 8?

    Yeah why not, then I would be banned and eightforums could get a dmca notice. I'm sure if look around mdl forum you would find some links yourself;). @Mods sry about that, won't happen again I know the forum rules.
  12. woot332

    Will 90 percent of users always hate Windows 8?

    Oops my bad he was looking for windows 8, but there are some links for windows 8 .iso(s) too. And theres some delta files(xdelta and smartversion) to convert iso files from one edtion to another.
  13. woot332

    Will 90 percent of users always hate Windows 8?

    @junglee here you go direct .iso links download and compare with official sha1 hash for intergrity. Windows 7 w/o SP1 and SP1 Media Refresh - Direct Download Links
  14. woot332

    Problem! Key in BIOS but I can't use Windows defender!

    When reinstalling windows the product key is detected and windows activated automatically. To view the bios key use this (select the MSDM checkbox) Windows 8 WDP Product Key Viewer
  15. woot332

    I love embedded Oem keys

    lol OA 3.0 is still very secure compared to old oem activation. All windows 8 oem systems use a unique product key in msdm table and unique hw hash. More about OA 3.0 activation Windows 8 preinstalled licenses, AKA OA2.2 and OA3.0
  16. woot332

    I love embedded Oem keys

    Yup it's a benefit making windows reinstallation simple.:thumbsup: And even if you would need the embedded key for whatever reason this would work. Windows 8 WDP Product Key Viewer
  17. woot332

    W8 could be better by REMOVING the desktop APP

    If M$ will ditch the desktop in future they might as well ditch legacy win32 api too. Forcing developers to develop windows store apps only and either distibute apps in store or sideloading. And rewrite the rest of the OS making it fully "metro" or whatever they call it now lol. That been said...
  18. woot332

    Solved Upgrade

    Pro to ProWMC is still free to upgrade lol, but Pro is good enough for the most people.
  19. woot332

    Solved Upgrade

    For a overview of different skus. and Windows 8 editions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia